Streaming platforms have become the modern-day treasure troves of educational content, a fact that I don’t think we celebrate enough. Sure, they’re teeming with binge-worthy shows and movies, but did you know they’re also stacked with an impressive array of educational shows for kids?

If you’re a parent, teacher, or educator like me, you know how vital it is to fuse education with entertainment for effective learning. That’s why I decided to dig deep into Amazon Prime‘s vault of children’s shows to unearth some gems that do just that.

As I scrolled through the offerings, I found a myriad of shows designed to spark curiosity, develop academic skills, and nurture emotional intelligence in kids. There’s a bit of everything here—from science and math to social skills and emotional growth—tailored for different age groups.

Educational Kids Shows Streaming on Amazon Prime

Here is our collecion of best educational kids shows streaming on Amazon Prime:

1. Sid the Science Kid

If you’ve been on the hunt for a show that blends humor and tunes to get your pre-schoolers jazzed about science, “Sid the Science Kid” is a gem you can’t afford to miss. This Emmy-award winning series doesn’t just preach science; it makes it relatable to the kiddos, sparking their innate curiosity. The episodes are not only hilarious but scientifically sound, encouraging young minds to question, explore, and discover the world around them. With 20 episodes in the first volume alone, there’s a whole world of scientific exploration to uncover.

2. What’s Up In Space: The Solar System For Kids

“Space” is a subject that has fascinated generations, and “What’s Up In Space?” is here to fan that flame for our youngest astronomers-to-be. This series is an encyclopedia of solar system knowledge, tailored to a young audience. It’s educational yet never dull, mixing live action with digital animations and vivid illustrations to break down complex ideas. This is the kind of series that both classrooms and parents will find invaluable. And hey, who says learning about Jupiter can’t be fun?

3. Zoo Babies

I’m pretty sure we all had that phase growing up where we were absolutely obsessed with animals. “Zoo Babies” taps into this universal childhood fascination by showcasing the newest and cutest additions to zoos around the globe. But this isn’t just a “cute animals” reel; the show also puts a spotlight on endangered species born in captivity, offering educational tidbits that both kids and adults can appreciate. It’s both heartwarming and eye-opening, giving us a glimpse into wildlife conservation efforts.

4. Blippi – Videos for Kids

Ah, Blippi. I don’t know a single toddler who isn’t hypnotized by this guy! What makes “Blippi – Videos for Kids” so compelling is its potent mix of education and entertainment. Blippi doesn’t just show kids how to have fun; he actually dives into the mechanics of toys, the concepts behind games, and the science of playgrounds. It’s like a fun crash course on how the world around us works, delivered in bite-sized, toddler-friendly episodes. Speaking from experience, kids are naturally curious about how things function, and Blippi taps into this curiosity in a way that’s both fun and educational.

5. Little Angel – Nursery Rhymes and Songs for Children

If you’re looking to combine classic nursery rhymes with new-age educational content, “Little Angel” is a treasure trove. It takes the timeless rhymes we’ve all grown up with and reimagines them to teach valuable preschool lessons. I admire the team’s dedication to quality; they’re educational specialists committed to creating safe and developmentally appropriate content. The show serves as a comforting space where young learners can sing along while absorbing lessons that prepare them for the educational journey ahead.

6. Brain Candy TV – Educational Videos for Kids

When it comes to engaging kids in a learning experience that they won’t forget, “Brain Candy TV” is like catnip for the young ones. This is early learning turbocharged with monster trucks, dump trucks, trains, and an adorable dog named Lizzy. Let’s be real; what kid can resist that combo? I’ve always believed that the early years are the foundation for lifelong learning, and this show cleverly uses action-packed vehicles to teach ABCs, numbers, colors, and even basic science and math concepts. This is definitely one to queue up for your energetic pre-K and elementary school kids.

7. Phonics School

Literacy is one of those crucial skills that set the stage for academic success, and “Phonics School” nails this beautifully. This show brings the Phonikers to life; they’re not just your average alphabets but transformative characters that can turn into anything starting with their sound. Talk about making phonics captivating! I find it inventive that the letters are depicted as children, some who seek adventures while others are more reserved—much like our young learners.

8. Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting

The one and only Bob Ross! Who hasn’t been entranced by his calming voice and those “happy little trees”? While this show might not be targeted directly at children, I think it’s a fantastic watch for older kids and even parents.

Bob Ross offers an oasis of tranquility and inspires creativity in a way that is so sorely needed in today’s fast-paced educational landscape. From an educator’s perspective, teaching kids the value of patience, observation, and artistic freedom is priceless.

9. Dino The Dinosaur

As far as toddler-friendly TV goes, “Dino The Dinosaur” checks all the boxes. The series centers around Dino, a dino with an insatiable curiosity and a love for games and toys. Not only does this show capture kids’ attention, but it also sprinkles educational content throughout.

Shapes, colors, numbers, letters—you name it, Dino is eager to learn it. And I’m a big believer in learning through play; it engages kids and helps them absorb information without feeling like it’s a chore.

10. Dino Dana

Alright, “Dino Dana” is like the dream scenario for any kid obsessed with dinosaurs—and let’s be honest, that’s most kids at some point. Dana is a relatable 9-year-old who gains the ability to bring dinosaurs to life, thanks to a special Dino Field Guide.

It’s the perfect blend of fantasy and education, engaging kids while feeding their prehistoric curiosities. I love how Dana serves as an adventurous role model who explores and learns fearlessly, setting an example for kids to embrace their own inquisitive sides.

11. Wild Kratts

“Wild Kratts” isn’t your standard animal show. With a fusion of live-action and animation, the Kratt brothers take kids on wild adventures to explore creatures that are often overlooked or misunderstood.

What sets this apart for me is the “What if…?” element; it encourages kids to think critically and imaginatively about the natural world. In my years in the classroom, I’ve seen how crucial it is to nurture an inquisitive mindset, and this show does exactly that, making it both educational and downright fun.

12. Peppa Pig

“Peppa Pig” has become a household name, and for good reason. The show captures the day-to-day adventures of Peppa, a cheeky pig, and her family. It’s simple yet engaging, focusing on themes like family, friendship, and exploration.

While not overtly educational in the traditional sense, it offers valuable social lessons, which, let’s face it, are just as important as academic ones. Peppa’s love for muddy puddles also subtly encourages kids to appreciate the joy of simple outdoor activities.

13. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Drawing inspiration from the classic children’s books, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” brings together a gang of animals who turn simple activities into extraordinary adventures. The show’s format is excellent for teaching cause-and-effect, a key cognitive skill.

Plus, it’s packed with unpredictability and fun, making it a hit among the young ones. It also highlights the importance of friendship and community in navigating life’s little challenges, which is a lesson that never gets old, if you ask me.

14. Tumble Leaf

“Tumble Leaf” is like a whimsical journey into a world of endless curiosity and adventure. With a blue fox named Fig as the guide, this show is geared towards preschoolers and focuses on play-based learning.

It’s all about discovery and understanding the world through firsthand experiences. It’s the kind of show that validates what many of us educators have known for years—learning is most effective when it’s fun and experiential.

15. Go! Heavy Machinesaurus

The newest entry on this list, “Go! Heavy Machinesaurus,” combines construction, dinosaurs, and problem-solving into one fascinating package. It’s a bit like a turbocharged Bob the Builder meeting Jurassic Park.

Tayo and friends venture into a dinosaur village to help with various construction projects, teaching kids about teamwork, engineering basics, and, of course, dinosaurs. In an age where STEM is more important than ever, this show makes those subjects accessible and exciting.

Concluding thoughts

And there you have it—a curated list of some of the most educational and entertaining shows streaming on Amazon Prime. Each one of these shows brings its own unique flavor to the educational table, and that’s what makes this list so versatile. Whether your child is an aspiring scientist, a future artist, or just a curious explorer, there’s something here that will not only capture their attention but also nurture their growing minds.

If you’re a parent, teacher, or just an adult looking for meaningful content for the young ones in your life, I highly recommend giving these shows a go. You’d be surprised how much of an impact a 20-minute episode can have when it combines the potent mixture of fun and learning. Plus, in a time where screen time is almost inevitable, why not make it as beneficial as possible?

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