Blacktop Hoops (2024), the popular VR basketball game, is out of early access on Quest, now serving up multiplayer and single player streetball on standalone platforms and PC VR headsets too.

Developed by Vinci Games and first released in April 2022 in alpha, the full version of Blacktop Hoops is now available, bringing with it a new GOAT campaign mode, revamped online parks for up to 4v4 matches, new maps and environments, a new Court Cam mode, training modes and more.

The studio says the game’s first official season will take place over the next four months, which will let you rank up by doing challenges and earn exclusive rewards. Users in the top 100 on the Field Goals, Threes, Dunks, Finishers, Tricks, Layups, Steals, Blocks, or Wins leaderboard at the end of the season will earn an exclusive Season One Hat and Jersey, the studio says.

As the second most-rated basketball game on the Quest platform, following the wildly successful free-to-play Gym Class (2022), Blacktop Hoops has managed to rack up over 15,000 user reviews on Quest, putting it at [4.9/5] stars.

You’ll find it there on Quest 2/3/Pro, Steam for PC VR headsets, and Pico headsets, priced at $30.

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