Headspace, the company behind the sleep and meditation mobile app, announced the release of Headspace XR, which combines social VR connection and a number of mindfulness techniques that aims to combat loneliness, anxiety and depression.

Developed by Nexus Studios and published by Headspace, Headspace XR arrives exclusively on Quest today, bringing with it both mixed and virtual reality experiences that include mood-boosting games, one-on-one guided meditations, and techniques the company says “help users strengthen their mind-body connection through movement and breathwork.”

Headspace describes its new XR app as “a virtual playground where you can move, play, meditate, or just explore on your own or adventure with your friends — all in breathtaking immersive environments.”

The company says with Headspace XR, it’s especially reaching out to younger generations since they tend to feel loneliness more acutely, noting that 27 percent of Gen Z report feeling “very or fairly lonely” which usually comes alongside physical or emotional symptoms due to things like stress, such as feeling depressed or sad, or lacking interest, motivation or energy.

“This age demographic is at a critical juncture of learning how to build lifelong mental health habits,” the studio says. “With the extended reality activities in Headspace XR, players can learn how to incorporate mindfulness techniques into their everyday lives, while also participating in positive socialization and community building with their friends.”

Additionally, Headspace says it’s conducting a randomized control trial at Virginia Tech later this year to evaluate how Headspace XR helps people with social health and connection, as well as perceived and objective stress.

Headspace XR is now available on the Quest Store for a one-time purchase of $30.

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