The latest major SteamVR update has arrived, coming with it an improvement to Steam Link for Quest.

Initially released in November 2023, Steam Link is Valve’s own app on the Meta Quest Store which allows users to quickly and easily connect their Quest headset wirelessly to SteamVR to play PC VR or flatscreen PC content, essentially letting you bypass Meta’s own Air Link.

The 2.5 update includes a number of bug fixes and quality of life improvements across SteamVR, however if you’re a Quest user, you ought to notice some better stability when it comes to using Steam Link.

In the update log, Valve says improvements to Steam Link include:

Improved prediction for increased lateral tracking stability.
Fix initialization issue causing connection failure. Requires client and server to both be updated.
Fix issue causing persistent failure when headset goes into standby and returns.
Fix deadlock on host when USB devices are inserted or removed.
Resolved two client crashes.
Fix an issue with video encoder initialization on certain AMD integrated GPUs.

Check out more about Steam Link here, which includes information on minimum specs and other requirements, and also includes troubleshooting so you can get the most out of your at-home Wi-Fi setup.

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