Netflix is selling the headset featured in its latest TV series 3 Body Problem, which heavily features characters accessing a shared virtual reality. Unfortunately, it’s just a prop—but it’s actually pretty cool as far as nonfunctional collectibles go.

Sold direct from Netflix for $110, it’s pretty clear from the price alone that the 3 Body Problem headset is just a high quality model, although it’s actually a little bit more than just a piece of plastic you can wear on your head.

The model’s polycarbonate is finished in silver chrome, letting you actually wear it and see the world around you, similar to how you might through a pair of high-polish sunglasses.

Unlike the cool chromed-out metal models used in the show, the prop has padding on the ear and rigid ‘one size fits most’ headset strap, and even includes a facial interface like a real VR headset to make it more comfortable as you wear it around.

Check out famed video game director Hideo Kojima trying on his own:

Kojima’s version seems to be slightly different from the one sold both through the store and given away as a promotional freebie at this year’s SXSW, with Kojima’s kit appearing to include custom lens inserts that likely account for his individual prescription.

Netflix is probably hoping Kojima wears it around for more than a few minutes, while everyone else following VR is probably hoping the the Death Stranding director and chief of Kojima Productions starts throwing resources at developing his own VR project.

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At the time of this writing, the 3 Body Problem headset is currently out of stock, however you can insert your email and sign up for updates in case the company decides to do another production run.

As it is, the prop headset’s store page says it’s a ‘FINAL SALE’, although it’s a good bet the non-functional headset will pop back up due to just how quick stock was snapped up when the page went live just a few hours ago.

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