Pixilart is an online creative platform for those who want to express themselves in a unique way. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive drawing tools and wide range of resources, pixel art can be easily created with just few clicks! Plus it’s free – no signup required – so anyone from students to professionals can start creating instantly on any device whether desktop or mobile devices like Android and iOS- operated ones. 

image credit: pixilart.com

Pixilart ensures safety as well; there are strict rules against the use of inappropriate content making it ideal for all ages especially kids and young learners. It can also be used in classes at school with or without the supervision of teachers.

Pixilart features

When it comes to features Pixilart offers a wide range of interesting features that make it super easy to create stunning artwork. I have been tinkering with its canvas trying the different tools it contains and I found them quite helpful.

Some of these features include an advanced color picker, vector shape tools, layers for added complexity and customization, a complete history of all your actions, a community forum to interact with other Pixilart users, sharing options for social media platforms, and more.

Watch this video to see Pixilart in action

Pixilart Shop

Pixilart features a shop where users can purchase original artwork created by featured artists as well as kits for creating their own pixil art. Users can easily create custom shirts, phone cases, mugs, and more with their art. They can even put it for sale in the marketplace and earn cash. The store also offers apparel featuring pixel art designs and merchandise related to the genre.

Pixilart Challenges

Pixilart hosts monthly challenges with cash prizes for the winner. The competition provides an opportunity for pixel artists to gain recognition, network with other artists, and hone their skills. It also gives users a chance to show off their creative abilities while competing against the best in the field.

Pixilart Gallery

Pixilart gallery offers users a chance to show off their creations, with the possibility of getting featured in the online gallery and on their social media channels. This feature allows pixel artists to promote and get recognized for their artwork. It also serves as a great source of inspiration for aspiring pixel artists.

Pixilart Forums

Pixilart forums is a great feature which allows users to talk and interact with other like-minded pixel artists. The forums are a great place for a budding pixel artist to discuss their creations, share tips and advice, as well as get feedback on their art. It is also an excellent way to stay updated on the latest news and trends in the world of pixel art.

Pixilart Comics

Pixilart comics are a comic-making feature offered through the platform. It allows users to combine their pixel art with text, animation and sound effects to create visual stories. This is a great way for students to explore different narrative techniques while honing their storytelling skills.

Credit: pixilart.com

Pixilart Groups

Groups is another interesting feature provided by Pixilart. It allows users to form groups, join existing ones and exchange ideas, artwork, tutorials, and more. Through this feature, students can connect with each other and expand their knowledge while making new connections in the pixel art community.

How to start creating your art using Pixilart

Here is how you can easily get started drawing using Pixilart:

1. Choose a canvas size and color palette for your canvas.
2. Select the drawing tools you want to use (pencils, brushes, lines, stamps, etc.)
3. Start creating your pixel art by adding shapes and colors to the canvas.
4. Create multiple layers in order to add more details and complexity to your design.
5. Save your progress as you go along.
6. When finished, share your artwork with friends or upload it in the gallery for others to view and comment on.

How much does Pixilart cost?

Pixilart is free to use and does not require a signup. The shop, however, has items available for purchase ranging from original artwork to pixel art kits and apparel. Additionally, Pixilart sometimes hosts monthly competitions with cash prizes for the winner.

Overall, Pixilart is an intuitive platform that is reat for use with students in class. It is safe, free, and offers a host of owerful features that 

make it easy for students and art aficionados to create and share their artwork. Using Pixilart, students can engage in various creative art-based activities, hone their drawing and sketching skills, and create meaningful aesthetic learning experiences.