Sony said earlier this year it was bringing PC VR support to PSVR 2, and while we still don’t know when that’s set to arrive, it appears the company is nearing the final steps thanks to a certification with the competent certifying authority in South Korea.

As reported by tech analyst and YouTuber Brad ‘SadlyItsBradley’ Lynch, Sony has certified the ‘PlayStation VR2 PC Adapter’ with South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency, which is tasked with certifying and controlling all things radio-related in that country.

Sony is certifying an adapter to allow PSVR2 hardware to work on PCs

— Brad Lynch (@SadlyItsBradley) May 29, 2024

Sony has been very sparse with info following the initial annonce in February that it was going to support PC VR gameplay on PSVR 2 somehow, however now it’s clear the company will be providing/selling its own first-party adapter to do the job.

When this will happen is still a mystery, as the certification itself was completed in late March, which is typically one of the last steps a product needs to achieve before official launch.

Freeing PSVR 2 from its PS5-exclusive tether could be interpreted as somewhat of a white flag from Sony, as the company hasn’t tipped its hand on what sort of exclusive content to expect on the headset beyond its smattering of launch window content, including its biggest exclusive to date, Horizon Call of the Mountain (2023).

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