Language learning has evolved in a revolutionary way, and Lingopie is leading the change. With an innovative approach to language education, Lingopie offers an immersive and engaging platform where you can learn languages through TV shows.

Farewell to the era of dry textbooks and one-dimensional audio lessons. Lingopie utilizes over a thousand hours of TV shows, music videos, movies, and Netflix originals, specially curated to accelerate your language fluency.

But why learn language through TV shows?

Learning a language from TV shows is more than just memorizing words. It’s about understanding the context, cultural nuances, and how the language is used in everyday communication. This method of learning helps accelerate comprehension and fluency more than any other traditional language learning system.

In today’s post, I am thrilled to share with you a new exciting update from Lingopie called Netflix extension which is now available on Chrome browser. This Chrome extension allows you to learn languages with Netflix in interactive and engaging ways. But before I do that, and for those of you new to the platform, let me talk about some of the features that make Lingopie a powerful language learning platform:

Interactive Learning in Real-Time

All content on Lingopie comes with dual subtitles, creating a seamless integration between entertainment and learning. Want to know the meaning of a word, phrase, or slang in the dialogue? Simply click it for an instant translation, happening in real-time, right as the drama unfolds on your screen.

Every show is sourced from native speakers, and subtitles are offered in the original language—imagine watching a Spanish TV show with Spanish subtitles, effectively immersing yourself in the culture and language.

Track Your Progress, Review and Develop

Learning a new language is an ongoing process. To make sure you’re retaining your newfound knowledge, Lingopie provides built-in flashcards and word lists that allow for easy review of vocabulary and grammar rules. It’s an easy and effective method to track your language skills progress.

A Show For Everyone

From movies, comedies, telenovelas, to travel shows, Lingopie caters to all tastes and learning levels, from beginners to advanced learners. Plus, the content library continues to expand, with new shows added every month.

Lingopie isn’t just for adults, either. The platform also features content for kids. A handpicked selection of safe and entertaining Spanish TV shows can help your little ones start their journey towards language fluency. It’s 100% safe, educational, and fun, making language learning a game the whole family can participate in.


Lingopie is compatible with various devices, including your phone, computer, and tablet. In fact, about 50% of the Lingopie community uses the platform on their phones daily with great results!

Languages Offered

Lingopie supports various languages including Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, Korean, and Japanese.

Lingopie Netflix Extension

In a groundbreaking move, Lingopie has joined forces with Netflix, offering an innovative tool to turn your binge-watching habit into an engaging language learning lesson. With just a few clicks, you can install the Lingopie Netflix extension and commence an interactive Netflix learning experience like never before.

As you watch your favorite Netflix shows, the Lingopie extension simultaneously displays dual subtitles—one in your native language and another in the language you’re learning. Through dual subtitles, you can click on words, phrases, and slangs for immediate translations, definitions, and grammar tips, allowing you to understand the language as it’s genuinely used.

The Lingopie Netflix extension doesn’t stop at translations. It automatically generates personalized vocabulary lists for you to review, reinforcing your language comprehension. Furthermore, it adds a layer of fun by incorporating games, flashcard practice, and other interactive challenges to further enhance your language learning experience.

Additionally, Lingopie enables you to stay on top of your language learning journey with real-time analytics. You can set personal goals and visualize your progress through detailed statistics, reinforcing your motivation and highlighting areas of improvement.

The Lingopie Netflix extension currently supports Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, and many more languages. Overall, the Lingopie Netflix extension is a perfect combination of entertainment and education, transforming your Netflix shows into interactive language learning classes.

Lingopie for Schools

Lingopie offers a school version of their platform that teachers can use in their language teaching classes. Teachers can create unique assignments that engage students, both in and out of the classroom. Lingopie adopts a multimodal approach to language learning where students can learn by listening, reading, and speaking as they interact with content using innovative technology.

Every Lingopie video is accompanied by full transcripts and dual interactive subtitles. When students click on these subtitles, they get on-screen grammar tips and instant translations of words and phrases. This interactive method allows students to learn grammar, spelling, and writing, and improve their vocabulary, all while reading along to their favorite shows.

Moreover, Lingopie’s built-in tools let students repeat sentences, adjust speech rates, and even listen to their own pronunciation. This interactive approach promotes the improvement of listening comprehension and articulation skills.

The content library of Lingopie features native speakers and accents from a variety of countries, providing students with exposure to diverse dialects and cultural nuances. It is a comprehensive resource that provides an authentic context for language learning, making it an ideal solution for schools.

Learn Spanish with Lingopie

Spanish is among the most popular languages to learn, and Lingopie provides an exciting, engaging way to master it. From telenovelas to comedies, a wide array of Spanish content is available to enhance your vocabulary, grammar, and cultural understanding. Lingopie’s interactive subtitles make learning Spanish more natural, as you can click on any word or phrase for instant translations, definitions, and grammar tips.

But the learning experience isn’t complete without some fun and authenticity! An exciting part of learning a new language is discovering its curse words. As the saying goes, you’re not fluent in a language until you can swear like a native speaker.

On Lingopie, you can uncover all the Spanish swear words essential for a well-rounded language experience. Not only do you become familiar with the typical vocabulary, but you also get a taste of the real, colloquial language as used by native speakers. It’s a fun, intriguing way to deepen your understanding of Spanish culture and communication.

Learn French through Netflix Shows

While exploring the language learning resources provided by Lingopie, I discovered an excellent selection of French shows on Netflix. This collection can serve as a beneficial tool for personal language improvement or as an engaging supplementary material for teaching French to your students.

Simply browse through the collection and select the shows that interest you and join an online community of French speakers who’ve improved their skills by immersing themselves in Netflix series.

These shows can significantly enhance your listening comprehension and other language skills. Additionally, a free trial on Lingopie unlocks access to an extensive range of French series and features, further optimizing your language learning endeavor.

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