Nibiru (Interactive 3D Rendering & Content Creator)

Non-code immersive XR experiences development tool. 

  • 3D and XR (AR/VR) application development tool
  • No programming required, simple visual “drag, drop, and link” to generate interactive contents
  • Multi-platform development and operation: Windows and Android
  • Complete tool chains: NRR, Nibiru Creator, SDK, etc.
  • Visualization applications can run on PCs, mobile terminals, and XR/H5 devices – empowering digital twinning technologies
  • Complete and efficient visualization functions and scenarios
  • Powerful AI backend database management and data analytics
  • Multiple import formats: eg. picture, text, audio, video, and 3d model
  • Can connect with payment engines to create transactional interactive experiences
  • Applications generated by Nibiru Studio are already running on millions of AR/VR devices worldwide