Canva has recently held its Canva Create live event in Sydney, Australia and announced the release of a collection of new interesting AI tools. I have been experimenting with these new tools and found them worth sharing here in Educators Technology.

Admittedly, when Canava first introduced its text to image tool, I did not have a good experience with it and found it ‘primitive’ compared to other AI text to image generators especially DALL-E. I thought for a while that Canva is probably losing the AI race. The recent announcements, however, proved me wrong.

Canva’s new AI tools allow users to create stunning visuals for their presentation slides, documents, websites, and other materials. If you are wondering what these new AI tools are and how to use them in your own design projects, read on to learn more.

1. Magic Design

The first new Canva AI tool is called Magic Design, a service that provides easy-to-use features for creating unique designs.Magic Design allows you to upload an image as a starting point, then select from a range of styles to craft a custom design based on your inspiration.

Magic Design takes the guesswork out of design, offering you a broader range of options for creating unique visuals. With various styles to choose from and adjustable features like color changes, font switching, and more, you can craft the perfect design that fits your brand’s visual identity. 

You can also save time by using Magic Design’s template library, which is populated with hundreds of professionally-designed templates—ready to be customized and personalized.

2. Magic Edit

Canva Magic Edit is a powerful AI-powered photo editor that allows users to make modifications to their photos with ease. The feature is incredibly simple to use. To start, just select the area of your photo you’d like to edit, then describe what changes you’d like to make. 

Canva will use its AI algorithms to generate a new photo with the changes you requested. Magic Edit can be used to change out the background, add people, remove objects, and more.

3. Translate

Canva Translate is another great AI tool introduced in Canva Create live event. This is definitely going to revolutionize the field of translation. Students and language learners from all around the world will love it.

Translate supports over 100 languages allowing you to translate your content to any language you want with a single click and right from within your designs. Canva Translate will also enable you to customize your translations and adjust the accuracy level of the translation for better accuracy.

Besides extending one’s reach and connecting with people from all over the world, Canva Translate also makes it easier for you to create visual designs that are tailored for different cultures and languages.

4. Beat sync

Canva’s Beat is a life saviour when it comes to creating a smooth, consistent audio and video. Beat automatically synchronizes your audio and video to the same duration, so you don’t have to worry about manual editing. 

With multiple options for beat markers and tempos, you can sync up your audio and video at the click of a button. Beat makes it easy to showcase peak moments, add sound effects and more. Just amazing!

5. Draw

Canva Draw is an AI-powered freehand drawing tool that allows you to draw, annotate, and underline text and objects in your images. You can also use it to draw simple shapes and lines quickly and easily, with Shape Assist – Canva’s AI drawing assistant – offering a helping hand to refine your sketches. 

Draw also offers a range of predefined shapes, allowing users to draw pre-made figures and designs. You can also save custom drawings and shapes for easy reuse, so you never have to start from scratch when creating a new design.

6. Magic Eraser

Canva’s Magic Eraser is a powerful tool that allows users to easily remove unwanted elements from photos. It works by simply brushing over the object, and the area around it will be automatically replaced with a transparent background. This makes it great for removing unwanted text, shadows, or even entire objects from an image.

Magic Eraser also comes with a range of adjustable settings, including brush size and strength, so users can get the exact result they’re looking for. The tool also retains the original image’s background, so you can be sure no other elements—like color or texture—will be affected. Magic Eraser can save you hours of manual editing .

7. Animation

Canva Animation is another amazing AI-powered tool to help you create and share animated stories. With Canva Animation, you can make objects move in any direction, speed up or slow down, or even make them rotate.

You can also control how long the animation runs and how it transitions from one frame to the next. You also have access to hundreds of audio and video assets, as well as pre-made animation templates so you can get started quickly.

8. Magic Write

Canva Magic Write is an AI writing assistant that can help you in your writing projects. Magic Writ uses artificial intelligence to generate blog outlines, social captions, content ideas, and more. Simply provide a prompt and the Magic Write will generate numerous options that you can fine-tune to make it your own. Use Magic Write to get inspiration and overcome writer block .

9. Styles and Layouts

Need some design direction? We’ve got you. Simply add content to your page to see layout ideas for your design. Then try the Styles feature to find suggested color palettes and font pairings.

Canva Styles and Layouts provide a quick and easy way to create attractive designs. With the Styles feature, you can pick from suggested color palettes and font pairings that match your content. 

Like Styles, Layouts provide quick and easy options for creating attractive designs. With the help of Canva’s pre-designed layouts, you can quickly assemble a design that looks professional and polished. you can also customize the layout with your own images or text to create a unique design.

10. Magic Presentation

Canva Magic Presentation is an innovative tool for creating effective and professional presentations. It allows you to quickly generate a first draft of your presentation with an outline, slides, and content. This can be done in just a few words by entering your idea into the tool. The result is a visually appealing presentation with easy-to-understand slides and content.

Magic Presentation also offers some powerful features to help users customize their presentations. You can easily tweak slides with fonts, colors, images, graphics, and more. Live previewing allows you to see the changes you make in real-time.