Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to get your kids interested in science? Or do you have kids at home who need an educational yet entertaining activity? Look no further! In this blog post, I cover some of the best resources where you can access a wide variety of entertaining and educational science games.

Kids can play the games and learn complex science topics in an accessible and enjoyable manner. From interactive online platforms to tabletop experiments, there are plenty of activities that can teach kids about biology, physics, chemistry, and more! Let’s dive into our list of the top science games for kids. For more resources, check out best science websites for kids.

1. ABCya Science Games

ABCya provides access to a large collection of educational kid-friendly games. The science section features some amazing science games to play with your kids at home or in class. The games are free to use. They are also web-based, and no software or registration is required. Some of the interesting science games featured in ABCya include States of Matter, Hydro Logic, Learn the Skeletal System, Orbital Order, Five Senses, and Constellation Station, among others.

2. PBS Kids Science Games

PBS Kids is another great platform where you can access a wide range of kid-friendly science games and activities. The games are designed to help kids learn and explore the exciting world of science. Kids can dive into different topics, such as space exploration, biology, chemistry, geology, physics, and more.

3. BrainPOP Science Games

BrainPOP features a large collection of science games to use with kids and students of all grade levels. You can search the site-library of science games by subject, grade, and time to play. Some of the featured science games include All About Bird Anatomy (kids learn about bird anatomy by building birds from the inside out), Antibiotic Resistance Game (Kids experiment with different antibiotic doses to kill bacteria), Bending Light (kids explore how light bends when traveling from one material to another), and many more.

4. Science Kids

Science Kids offers a wide variety of fun science games for kids and young learners. The games cover different science topics including animals, plants, chemistry, biology, physics, space, forces, light, magnets, and more. The site also offers quizzes, videos, science experiments, lessons, and many more.

5. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids offers engaging kids’ games that cover different topics and science concepts. Kids get to play games from their favorite movies, play with their favorite characters like Spongebob Squarepants and Ben10, or take animal kingdom as they like a cheetah or swim like a fish. NAT Geo Kids also offers quizzes, puzzles, and several other educational science resources.

6. Sheppard Science Games

Sheppard Science has this collection of engaging games ideal for kids. The games are completely free and work on different devices and platforms. They cover various topics including Food Chain Games, Animal Cell Games, Animal Diet Games, Plant Cell Games, Earth Tips, Build a Dino, and many more.

7. Mr. Nussbaum

Mr. Nussbaum‘s science section features over ’30 different science-themed games! They are arranged by popularity. To sort by grade level, use the filters on the left. To watch instructional videos of each game, click on them in the slider of the related item underneath the game.’

8. Science Bob

Science Bob‘s website offers a wide range of interactive science experiments, projects, and games that students can do at home (with the help of their parents) or at school( with the help of their teachers and peers). Bob is a science teacher, author, and presenter. Bob ‘encourages parents and teachers to practice Random Acts of Science by providing instructions and videos for interactive science experiments on his website’.

9. Science Sparks

Science Sparks is a website that provides easy and fun science experiments and activities for children to do at home, with the help of their parents or teachers. Some of the most popular kids science experiments for kids include: How to Make a Bottle Rocket, Baking Soda Rocket, Which Solids Dissolve in Water, Skittles Experiment, Space Science Experiments for Kids, and many more.

10. NASA Kids Club

NASA Kids’ Club provides a plethora of space focused games, videos, images and activities to introduce and help kids learn about the world of space. Some of the featured games include Play the Space Lunch Game, Launch the Rocket, Catch the Objects in Space, Color Nature at NASA, and many more,