In this post, I am sharing with you  this collection of helpful writing tips I collected from Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing: A Memoire of The Craft’ . These tips are less about writing mechanics and more about developing a writer’s mindset. Stephen King’s nuggets of wisdom are a culmination of his writing career which has spanned more than two decades and has resulted in numerous blockbuster fiction publications some which made it into movies.

Whether you are fan of King’s works or not, if you are a budding writer or simply a person keen on developing their writing skills, these tips will resonate with you. They are timeless pieces of advice coming out of the pen of someone whose sole craft is writing. 

If you are a graduate student working on a thesis/dissertation, term paper, or any other academic writing project, I highly recommend this list of books. They will help you develop your academic writing skills and learn what it takes to write proper academic essays. 

 This graphic is also available for free download in PDF format from this page.
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