123FormBuilder, as its name indicates, is a web tool that enables you to create numerous types of online forms including surveys, polls, questionnaires, contact forms, event registration, order form, application form, and many more. 123 Form Builder offers an easy drag and drop form builder that makes it easy for anyone with no coding knowledge to create beautiful forms.

Features provided by 123FormBuilder

Some of the major features provided by 123 Form Builder include:

1. Create responsive and dynamic forms

123 Form Builder allows you to create flexible and responsive forms that work on different platforms and devices (e.g,, desktop and mobile). You can also create dynamic forms using conditional logic allowing you to get questions generated for your form automatically and based on respondents answers.

123 Form Builder also provides you with the tools that enable you to insert within your forms sections where respondents can upload documents, pictures, and video files. They can simply drag and drop any document or file to upload it. In fact, document collection is a powerful feature to use in your forms. It will allow you to securely collect various types of documents from your students.

2. Survey maker

123 Form Builder offers a free survey maker that allows you to create online surveys and questionnaires and publish them anywhere online. Besides the conventional features of survey making, 123FormBuilder offers this smart functionality called question branching which allows you to “show certain survey questions only when specific previous answers are selected. 

For instance, if your respondent selects “Yes” on a given question, you can show them questions related specifically to that answer. If they select “No”, they can just move along with the basic set of survey questions.”

3. Quiz maker

123 Form Builder’ s quiz making tool helps you create different types of quizzes from trivia quizzes to game-based activities. You can either choose from a huge collection of pre-designed quiz templates or start building yours from scratch. You can add/delete fields and sections as you want, set up a timer for your quiz, add interactive content such as images and many more. You can also enable conditional logic feature to provide respondents with more options when certain actions are done. Once your quiz is ready you can publish and share it with others.

4. Access pre-designed Education Forms

123FormBuilder offers over 200 pre-designed form templates that you can use with a single click. You can customize your forms ‘down to the smallest details”. The School Forms section in 123 Form Builder contains numerous form templates to use in your teaching including:

School Application Form TemplateTeacher Evaluation Form TemplateSchool Admission Form TemplateStudent Satisfaction Form TemplateClassroom Observation Form TemplateStudent Registration Form TemplateSchool Facilities Survey TemplateSchool Entry Health Form TemplateHigh School Transcript Request Form TemplateSchool Transportation Request Form Template,School Donation Form TemplateStudent Progress Report Form TemplateOnline Geography Quiz TemplateAnimal Facts Quiz TemplateVocabulary Quiz Template, and many more.

5. PDF to online form

PDF to online form is another feature that is great for us in education. You can use it to turn any pdf to an editable form. Simply scan your PDF and upload it to 123 Form Builder to make it accessible online anywhere you go. You also have to choice to send form submissions in a PDF format

6. Integration with third part tools

123 Form Builder integrates a number of popular tools and platforms allowing you to automate the flow of your data across various platforms. including Google Drive, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Wix, Hubspot, Evernote, Shopify, and many more.

7. Collect forms responses

123 Form Builder allows you to securely collect form entries. Forms responses are stored in your account in 123FormBuilder where you can access them from the dashboard. 123 Form Builder automatically generates reports based on your audience responses. From pie charts to data tables, 123FormBuilder automatically generates all kind of reports to help you make sense of your respondents answers.

How much does 123FormBuilder cost?

123 Form Builder offers various plans. There is the free plan which supports the creation of only five forms and there are four premium plans starting with Gold plan ($19.99/month billed yearly) and going up all the way to Enterprise plan (starting from $199.99 billed yearly).

Alternatives to 123FormBuilder?

Some good form building alternatives to 123 Form Builder include Google Forms, Jotform, Typeform, among others.