AI technology is revolutionizing every aspect of the creative endeavour from generating amazing artwork to writing song lyrics and generating music. As an educator and EdTech researcher, I have been following the development of this technology very closely with an eye on its impact on the educational process.

The AI in Education section I created here in Educators Technology documents all the AI educational resources and tools I have covered so far including:

In today’s post I want to touch on a different aspect touched by AI: music generation. More specifically, I want to share with you some of the best AI tools you can use with your students to create generate music.

What is an AI music generator?

AI Music Generator is a computer technology that uses AI algorithms to generate music by combining patterns, loops, chords and melodies. Once the user has selected their desired genre, AI Music Generators use AI algorithms to create a unique soundscape. 

AI Music Generators are also capable of adjusting the length and structure of each song created, as well as allowing users to upload their video and see if the AI Music Generator can match the sound they’re looking for.

AI Music Generators can be used in many different creative projects, from creating AI-generated lyrics to generating AI-powered music for videos. AI Music Generators are a great way for content creators to add sound and music to their projects without having to worry about copyright issues.

How to use AI music generator in education?

AI Music Generators are a great way to get students engaged in music-related projects. AI Music Generators can be used in combination with other AI tools to create music-based projects such as AI-generated lyrics or AI-powered music videos.

AI Music Generators can also be used to create AI-powered soundtracks for films or AI-generated soundscapes for video games. Or, they can be used to generate AI-powered music for virtual reality projects. 

As a teacher, you can also use these AI music generators to teach your students about AI music composition and lyrics writing and if you want to see some samples of AI generated songs, check out this collection from Google Arts & Culture.

Here are some examples of AI music generators to try out:


SOUNDRAW is an AI-powered music composition tool designed to help creators create the perfect song for their content in minutes. It combines AI music generators with a powerful customization interface that allows creators to adjust their song’s length, mood and genre. 

AI ensures that the resulting songs are musically coherent and copyright-free. With Soundraw, you can quickly produce unlimited variations of AI-generated music tailored to your specific needs.

2. Soundful

Soundful is an AI music generator that helps people create royalty-free background music for their videos, streams, podcasts, and other projects. With Soundful, users can explore and utilize AI-generated music of various themes and moods. 

In addition, they have access to a library with all their saved or favorited tracks, loops, and templates. Premium users additionally gain the ability to monetize their music across various streaming platforms.

3. Jukebox

Jukebox is an AI music generator developed by Open AI that can generate audio in various genres and artist styles, given certain inputs including genre, artist, and lyrics. It is able to produce musics different from the original ones that it was trained on when provided with lyrics seen during training. Ultimately, Jukebox allows AI to create original compositions autonomously.


AIVA is a AI-driven music generator that allows creators to generate original scores quickly and easily. It offers a wide range of preset algorithms to compose music in a variety of styles, from modern cinematic to jazz. 

AIVA also offers temp tracks, which allow composers to control AI composition processes by uploading their own MIDI files. Students and schools can also benefit from discounts on annual and monthly plans.

5. Boomy

Boomy is AI-powered music generator designed to help users create original songs in seconds with minimal effort. Boomy AI is powered by AI-generated music, which is generated by a combination of AI algorithms and human adaptability. The AI algorithms analyze previous user songs and generate new content accordingly.

“When Boomy makes something you like, there are many ways to customize the song to your liking. It is possible to edit the arrangement of the song, and you can update or change the Production features of the song with new options like Tempo, Instruments, Mixing style. You can also update or change the Composition of the song while keeping the same Production features. This re-writes the underlying notes of your song.”

6. Voicemod

Voicemod is an AI text to song generator that works entirely in-browser. It features a fully customizable +100 voice collection and a powerful soundboard with +10 sounds collection, to make the most of your sonic identity in real-time. 

Furthermore, Voicemod’s VoiceLab allows users to create custom voices from scratch, by combining various audio processors and effects such as delays, reverb, vocoder, filter, or pitch shifters. Voicemod is compatible with all games and communication apps on the market – Discord, ZOOM, Roblox, Valorant, Fortnite etc. – giving users endless possibilities for creating unique music and audio experiences.

7. MuseNet

MuseNet is an AI music generator developed by OpenAI that can creates 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments. It has the ability to combine styles from different eras and genres, ranging from country to Mozart to the Beatles. 

MuseNet is based on the same general-purpose unsupervised technology as GPT-2, a large-scale transformer model trained to predict the next token in a sequence, unlike AI music generators that rely on rules-based programming.

8. Chrome Music Lab: Sing Maker

Chrome Music Lab: Sing Maker is a powerful AI music generator created by Google Creative Lab. It allows users to create songs by adding notes to a grid, using either their computer keys, a MIDI keyboard, or even their own voice! The AI algorithm then takes the user’s input and generates a unique song. Once the user is happy with their creation, they can share it with others via a link.

9. Loudly AI

Loudly AI is a music generator AI that uses an 8 million track catalogue and 150,000 audio sound collection to create complex compositions in under 5 seconds. AI Studio allows users to select from a list of genres to create new tracks and export them in MP3, WAV and stem formats. 

AI Studio is designed to be collaborative, giving users 100% control over their sound with AI-generated solutions that deliver unique results every time. AI-generated music tracks are Royalty-Free when used in combination with other media, making it easy to create and add sound to creative projects.

10. SongStarter

SongStarter by BandLab is AI-powered idea generator that is designed to make creating music easy and accessible. It provides users with three unique musical ideas based on their inputs and gives them the power to control the mood of each composition. 

AI-generated music is royalty-free, giving users the freedom to create their own sound and add it to a variety of creative projects. With SongStarter, users can take their AI-generated ideas and make them their own with the Mix Editor to create something that is truly unique.

11. Orb Producer Suite

Orb Producer Suite is an AI music generator with four different plugins. Each plugin has its own specialized AI technology that helps to create amazing musical patterns and loops. These plugins are:

Orb Chords: This is a powerful AI powered wavetable synth, allowing users to generate an unlimited amount of unique chord progressions. It provides customization options, such as colors and dissonance, to make the chords sound even more special.

Orb Melody: AI powered melody maker that provides users with unlimited ideas for melodies. This plugin also supplies a vast array of controllers and options to mold the perfect melody for your music.

Orb Bass: AI bassline generator that helps users to create the perfect bass line for their songs. This plugin analyzes the entire harmony and proposes the best bass lines for any song.

Orb Arpeggio: AI arpeggio generator that provides users with cool arpeggios and tons of parameters for advanced users that are looking to create a complex arpeggio system.

Overall, the AI music generator Orb Producer Suite is an incredibly powerful set of tools to help musicians create unique musical patterns and loops.

12. These Lyrics Do Not Exist

These Lyrics Do Not Exist is a website that utilizes AI technology to create unique and original song lyrics. Users are able to select the AI Music Generator lyrics topic, genre and mood to generate their perfect set of lyrics. 

AI technology is used to create a chorus and verses that are tailored to the user’s choice. AI technology also allows for lyric adjustments and preferences that can be applied in order to create unique, creative and powerful lyrics.

13. Ecrett

Ecrett is an AI powered music generator that offers a wide range of musical styles for content creators. It allows users to customize the length, instruments and structure of each piece of music they create. Ecrett’s library contains over 500,000 unique patterns of music generated monthly and every piece of music is royalty free for both personal and commercial projects. 

Ecrett also allows users to select specific scene/mood/genre that matches their video, making it easy for them to find the perfect song for their project. Plus, they can even upload their video to see if the music matches.