St.Patrick’s day is a great time to celebrate with family and friends. St.Patrick’s day is celebrated on March 17. Traditionally, green is the color worn to celebrate this day. There are many fun activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor celebration, I have rounded up some of the best St. Patrick’s day activities for kids that will definitely entertain your little ones and keep them busy.

1. Scavenger hunt 

Kids always enjoy scavenger hunt games. For this St. Patrick’s day, hide green items items around the house and let kids search for them.

Check out these printable clues to use in your Scavenger game.

2. Parade 

Get everybody involved and moving. Create a makeshift environment for a mini parade in your place. Prepare the house with instruments, flags, banners, and more. This will bring out the creative streak in your kids.

3. Leprechaun traps 

Prepare Leprechaun traps and leave them around the house. Let your little ones come up with ideas to create their very own special trap and see if they can catch a leprechaun!

Watch this video to learn how to set Leprechaun traps.

4. Shamrock crafts and art projects 

Another practical idea for St. Patrick’s day is to engage kids in hands-on art and craft projects. From creating shamrock garlands to painting rainbow colors, there’s plenty of ways to make the environment more festive.

Check out these ideas for St. Patrick’s Day crafts to get started.

5. Cooking fun 

Let your little ones help in the kitchen and have some creative cooking fun. From baking cupcakes to making green-colored sandwiches, you can take your pick from plenty of St. Patrick’s Day recipes for kids.

6. St. Patrick’s day games 

Add a fun twist to the traditional games by creating some St. Patrick’s Day themed variants. Try playing ‘Lucky Bingo’ or ‘Leprechaun Chase’ to increase the fun.

7. St Patrick’s day songs and stories 

Introduce your kids to some of the traditional Irish music, folklore, and legends related to St. Patrick’s Day. Sing some Irish tunes together or read from classic tales like ‘The Luck of The Irish‘.

8. St. Patrick’s day stories 

Make the St Patrick’s day celebrations even more special by reading out some inspiring stories related to this day. Pick books that talk about the life of St. Patrick and his contributions in spreading Christianity in Ireland. Or else, you can also read out stories about leprechauns and their magical powers.

9. Green food 

Make the celebration a bit tasty by serving some green-colored snacks like Shamrock smoothies or spinach dip. You can even get your kids involved in preparing simple green food like avocado toast or pesto pasta.

10. Green slime 

Green slime is a great way to keep the kids engaged. Make some easy green slime at home and let your kids have fun with it. You can even provide them with prompts and ideas for things to create. You can time their activities and provide them with green coin chocolate as rewards.

11. Lucky charms 

If you’re looking for something fun and simple, try playing Lucky Charms game where each kid has to pick up lucky charms from a pot filled with items like coins, buttons and more. The one who collects the most lucky charms will be declared as the winner.

12. Dance off 

Put on some Irish music, create a dance floor in your house, and get everybody grooving! Kids love to dance, so this is sure to keep them engaged at St. Patrick’s day celebrations. You can even provide them with some props like shamrock hats and masks to make the experience more interesting.

13. Potato stamping 

For this fun activity, you need potatoes, paints and paper. Cut the potato into half or any desired shape and use it as a stamp to create some awesome art pieces for St Patrick’s day. Kids will love this activity.

14. Shamrock shake 

Gather up all the ingredients needed to make a delicious shamrock shake at home and let your kids join in the fun. Watch this video to see how a Shamrock shake is made.

15. Leprechaun footprints and messages 

Create a trail of leprechaun footprints around the house and add some messages or clues to find hidden treasures. Have your kids solve riddles, follow clues and explore each room to find out what the leprechaun has left behind. Here are some helpful tips on how to make Leprechaun footprints.

16. Rainbow scavenger hunt 

Hide items related to rainbows or St Patrick’s day around the house and have a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt. Each child can use clues to find out the hidden items. The one who finds all the items first, wins the game! Check out these ideas on to create rainbow scavenger hunt activities

17. Pot of gold 

Make a pot of gold using chocolates to be used as rewards. You can also make it a group activity by asking each kid to bring in their own pot of gold and picking the most creative one.

18. Draw a leprechaun 

This is an easy and creative way to keep kids entertained during St. Patrick’s day. Provide them with paper and pencils and ask them to draw a Leprechaun of their own. The most creative one will be declared as the winner.

19. Plant Shamrocks 

Let your kids learn about the importance of environment conservation while having fun during this St. Patrick’s day. Plant some shamrocks in a pot and observe them grow over time. It will be a great learning experience for the young ones.

20. st patrick’s day seek and find 

Get your kids excited with this fun game. Create a seek and find page with some St Patrick’s day related items like shamrocks, pots of gold, rainbows and more. Give them 10 minutes to identify as many items as they can. The one who finds the most items in time will be declared as the winner.

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!