September 25, 2014
I have been receiving several requests to feature a list of the best Android apps for  flipped classrooms. I know I have repeatedly featured here different iPad apps for creating flipped lesson videos but the thing with Android is that I am not really a huge fan of it for the simple reason that its app store is lacking several powerful apps that are indispensable to us in education. Even when I was working on today’s list I was really disappointed that apps such as Educreations, ShowMe, Knowmia  are not available for Android users. However, I did manage to cobble up 5 of the best apps that teachers can use on Android to create flipped lessons. Check them out below

1- Explain Everything

Explain Everything is another good whiteboard app for Android. The app has been around for some years now and it proved its efficiency as among the best whiteboarding applications out there. Explain Everything provides access to a host of interesting features including: the ability to express your ideas using various tools such as drawing, writing, sketching, screen sharing, and live presenting. 

The app’s interactive whiteboard is also great for recording screencasts and explainer videos to use in flipped classrooms. The app can capture everything that happens on the screen and provides you with the tools to edit your recording the way you want. You can trim, cut, and delete parts and share your final video presentation as MP4. 

Other features provided by Explain Everything include: integration with third party platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive allowing users to easily import/export materials from/to these applications; the ability to insert different materials into your interactive whiteboard (e.g., sketches, images, Gifs, shapes, equations, text boxes, sticky notes, etc); scan documents and edit them the way you want, screen share your whiteboard presentations using tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and many more.

Device requirement: Android 8.0 and up. Content rating: 3+

2. Screen Recorder
Screen Recorder, by Screencast-O-Matic, is another great screencasting whiteboard app that allows you to record your Android screen and create educational tutorials and screencasts. Some of the main features it offers include: the ability to record your screen or facecam or both, voice commentary and dubs through microphone, the ability to record facecam into existing video for picture to picture (PIP), add reaction cam to videos, add music (e.g., from iTunes, music library, your device. etc) to your videos, apply video filters, insert various types of texts and styles, blur unwanted sections, trim and cut video clips, cut parts of the video, add voice narration, merge recordings, share final product through text or on social media, and more.

Device requirement: Android 8.0 and up. Content rating: 3+
3. AZ Screen Recorder
AZ Screen Recorder is a good screen recorder app for Android. It helps you create slick recordings of your Android screen and create educational tutorials. It offers a host of powerful features including screen capture, screen video recorder, video editor, live stream screen, unlimited recording time, game recorder in full HD, record screen as GIF, and more. Using the the app’s video editor you will be able to trim videos, convert video to GIF, merge video clips, add background music, add subtitles to videos, extract images from videos, crop videos, compress videos, and more. AZ Screen Recorder also offers a powerful image editor that lets you crop images and remove unwanted parts, combine numerous images into a single image, blur sensitive informations in images, add text or draw on images, and more.
Device requirement: Android 5.0 and up. Content rating: 3+

4. Apowersoft Screen Recorder
Apowersoft Screen Recorder is another popular screen record app for Android. Some of the interesting functionalities it offers include: the ability to record screen with audio, record front camera allowing you to add your face to screencasts, overplay icon that lets you easily record on any app in your phone, built-in trim that helps you trim unwanted parts of your video, cast phone screen to computer, and more.
Device requirement: Android 5.0 and up. Content rating: 3+

5. Loom

Loom is another great screen record app for Android. I have been using the desktop version for quite sometime now I really love it. The app also provides a set of powerful features that let you easily record your Android screen and create instructional tutorials. Some of these features including the ability to record screen and internal audio, record camera, leave time-based comments and emoji reactions, edit and trim your videos the way you want, adjust playback speed, receive notifications when someone views or interacts with your videos, videos are automatically saved to the cloud, share videos using a generated link, and more.

Device requirement: Android 8.0 and up. Content rating: 3+