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As many of you know, I’ve been on both sides of the classroom – first, as a teacher for over a decade, and now as an educator focused on harnessing the potential of technology in learning environments. This journey has allowed me to accumulate significant experience and insights that I believe can be valuable to you, especially if you’re a teacher, parent, student, or fellow edtech enthusiast.

Over the past 13 years, I have dedicated myself to exploring, reviewing, and blogging about educational technology. This endeavor has not only fueled my passion but also provided me with an expansive knowledge of various edtech tools. It’s through this lens that I bring you my latest review on sound level meters.

I want to assure you that the reviews you will read have been carefully curated. Each recommendation is not a mere result of a cursory glance over the product. Instead, it’s a culmination of extensive online research, meticulous scrutiny of user reviews and ratings, and the patient perusal of countless customer reviews. In addition, Some of these products I have personally tried and tested as an edtech reviewer. I bring to you not just the perspective of an expert, but also the experience of a user.

So, let’s dive in and explore these sound level meters, their features, and potential drawbacks. Check out this resource for online noise meters.

Best Sound Level Meters

Here are our picks for best sound level meters:

1. Decibel Meter Sound Level Reader

This Decibel Meter Sound Level Reader 30-130dB(A) is an exceptionally versatile instrument capable of measuring ambient sound levels across a variety of environments. Ideal for uses from music recording to neighbor noise complaints, and industrial settings to office spaces, this sound level meter was chosen for its superior functionality and compact design.


Measurement range: 30-130dBA

Accuracy: ±1.5dB

A/C weighting

Condenser microphone

Data lock/max/min

Automatic/manual shutdown

Direct battery charge

Exceeding standard alarm prompt

Size: 6.2×2.9x21cm

Color: Black

Weight: 1000 Grams


Color may vary due to lighting and camera factors

2. Curconsa Decibel Meter

The Curconsa Decibel Meter is another comprehensive tool for measuring ambient sound levels. Its wide application range makes it an invaluable tool in households, factories, schools, residential areas, offices, streets, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, theaters, and sound systems.

Having used and reviewed various edtech products, I appreciate the high-precision measurement this tool provides. It offers both A and C weighting, making it suitable for low-intensity ambient noise and high-intensity machine noise analysis, respectively.


Measurement range: 30 dB to 130 dB

Accuracy: ±2.0 dB

A/C double weight measurement

4-digit LCD display

Fast/slow measurement conversion

Maximum lock value

Automatic shutdown

Requires 2 AAA batteries (included)

Weight: 239 g


The screen may display 30-40 decibels in a quiet room which is normal but may confuse some users

No function to record and store data

It automatically shuts down after 10 minutes of inactivity, which may disrupt longer measurement sessions

3. LONVOX Digital Sound Level Meter

The LONVOX Digital Sound Level Meter is a precision-engineered tool designed to deliver high-accuracy sound level measurements. Its ergonomic and lightweight design, along with its versatile uses, makes it an excellent choice for professionals and everyday users alike. The device was chosen for its broad measuring range and exceptional accuracy.


Broad measuring range: 30 to 130 dB

High accuracy: ±1.5 dB

A-weighted measurement

Backlit LCD Display

Ergonomic & Lightweight Design

Power Saving & Long-lasting Design

Size: Compact with 1/4″ mount thread

Comes with 1 x Decibel Meter, 1 x Windscreen, 1 x User Manual, and 3 x 1.5V AAA Battery

Weight: 168 g


Automatic power-off after 10 minutes might interrupt longer measurement sessions

4. SNDWAY Sound Level Meter

The SNDWAY Sound Level Meter offers an expansive range of features, making it a versatile tool for measuring sound levels in various settings. Its large LCD display ensures easy reading of data, while its advanced functions like an alarm switch setting add convenience to the user experience.

From my experience as a classroom teacher and my extensive edtech research, I found that SNDWAY’s ease of use and array of features make it an excellent choice for those needing a comprehensive sound level meter. Its large display and user-friendly controls make it easy to quickly and accurately measure noise levels.


Measuring range: 30 to 130dB

Accuracy: ±1.5dB

Large 9.6-inch LCD display with backlight

Alarm switch setting

Powered by DC 5V 1A Micro USB socket

Weight: 450g


Requires additional power supply, which may be inconvenient for some users

Potential sensor faultiness, as suggested by the manufacturer

5. VLIKE Sound Level Meter

The VLIKE Sound Level Meter is a compact, easy-to-use tool designed to accurately measure ambient sound levels. With its wide measuring range and automatic shifting function, it provides the versatility needed in various sound measurement scenarios.


Measuring range: 30 to 130 dB

Complies with IEC651 Type 2 and ANSI S1.4 Type 2

Backlight feature

High speed(FAST)/Low speed(SLOW) response rate selection

A and C Frequency Weighting mode selection

Compact, lightweight, and easy to use


Batteries not included

It does not appear to have an automatic power-off feature to conserve battery life

Final thoughts

And that brings us to the end of this comprehensive exploration of some of the best sound level meters available in the market. Remember, each of these meters has its unique strengths and potential drawbacks, and what works best for you will greatly depend on your individual needs, whether in the classroom, home, or any other educational setting.

I hope that this review has been helpful to you. It’s been my aim to provide you with the insights and information you need to make an informed choice. Remember, the right sound level meter can significantly enhance your learning or teaching environment, allowing you to create the optimal auditory conditions for focus and productivity.

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