The collection below features 6 helpful blur background apps to use on your iPhone and Android. Whether you want to hide sensitive elements in your images or you want to create an artistic effect by bringing certain elements to the forefront and giving them a pronounced and sharp effect, these blur background apps are great options to consider.

How to use blur background effect on iPhone?

For those of you using iPhone 8 Plus and up, there is an integrated blur background function accessible through the Portrait mode in the Camera app. You can use it to blur backgrounds of photos you want to take or those already saved in your camera roll.

Here is how to blur backgrounds of photos you want to take:

Open the Camera appClick on Portrait at the bottom of the screenClick on f at the top of the screenA slider will appear under the photo, Drag the slider left or right to adjust the background blur effect.Click to take the picture
Here is how to apply a blur effect to an image already saved in your camera roll:

Open your camera roll and select the photo (it must be taken in Portrait mode)Tap edit then click on f at the top of the screenUse the slider to adjust the background blur effectClick on Done to save your changes.

1- Picsart

Picsart is both a photo and video editor which allows you to create beautiful visuals and collages. Its Background Eraser enables you to easily remove and swap backgrounds.You can also blur backgrounds using Picsart selection tool thus masking any identifiable element. If you want to completely remove an object from a picture use the Remove Object tool. Other interesting features provided by Picsart photo editor include: add stickers to picture, crop photos, create collages, generate memes, apply various photo effects (e.g., Canvas effects, Sketch effects, Magic effects, and more), doodle and draw using customizable brsuhes, and more.

Compatibility: iPhone/iPad and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 12+ 

2- YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is a photo editor that offers various editing features including the blur background. YouCam is available on both iPhone and Android and works in a simple and easy way. Fist install the app (free to install but offers in-app purchases), click on Photo Edit and select a photo from your camera roll, click on Tools and choose Blur. You can apply various blur effects including Brush, Circle and Ellipse, once done click to save your edited photo.

Compatibility: iPhone/iPad and Android / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+ 

3- Blur Photo Effect Background

As its name indicates, this app helps you blur backgrounds and apply various effects to your photos. You can use the app’s Blur Brush to blur unwanted details or apply the Focus Blur that does a good job blurring specific parts of the photo. Use the Blemish remover to further enhance your photos and make them clearer. Other interesting features provided by Blur Photo Effect Background include: unblur, edit in high resolution, add creative effects (e.g., pixelated mosaic or halftone), blurrer wallpapers, rotate images, undo feature, export in different sizes, save to Camera roll, and more.

Compatibility: iPhone/iPad, Android alternative/ Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+ 

4- Blur Photo Background

Another helpful blur background app. You can use the Blur tool to easily blur and unblur any area in the picture. You can also apply unique blur effects such as motion blur, zoom blur, and Gaussian blur. The app provides a number of interesting creative effects to make your edited pictures look better. For instance, you can apply Mosaic effects such as pixel effect, crystalize effect, dots effect, or glass effect, rotate the elements in your picture and when you are done save the final product to Camera roll or share them to social media websites or via email.

Compatibility: iPhone/iPad  / Price: Free, offers in-app purchases / Age: 4+ 

5- FabFocus

FabFocus enables you to blur background and share only those elements of the picture you want others to see. The app uses AI technologies to detect faces in photos and blur elements using bokeh effects. Other interesting features provided by FabFocus include: easily adjust the amount of blur applied to backgrounds, select which shape of bokeh to use, adjust brightness and saturation of the background and foreground independently, ‘You can also draw to refine the selection of what’s in the foreground, great for tricky situations, or creating portraits of a wide variety of subjects, like pets, plants and more!’

Compatibility: iPhone/iPad and Android / Price: $3.99/ Age: 4+