As an EdTech blogger and educator interested in the use of technology in education, I have been following with huge intrigue the rapid uptake of AI technology and how this technology is currently reshaping the whole world of the Internet creating a new version, one in which creation (or part of it) is delegated to AI bots.

Whether you like it or not won’t change the fact that AI is taking over and as educators and teachers we need to embrace this new technology and leverage its strength to optimize students’ learning and create rich and meaningful learning experiences for our students in and outside class.

I have been testing several AI tools trying to identify their utility for us in education and have so far collected quite a list which I will share in another post here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. In this post, I want to focus on a particular set of AI tools called AI text writers  which are part of the general category of AI content generators.

Notice that when I talk about AI tools, I prefer to use the term generators instead of creators because what these tools do is generate and not create content and there is a huge difference between the two.

That being said, the AI text writers I curated for you in this list are some of the best AI writing assistants online. I ordered them according to their importance with Jasper as the best of them all.

As is the case with any other tool, you need to teach your students how to use these AI text writers wisely and responsibly. They should never replace the creative work a human mind can create. As I argued in an earlier post on the use of AI in education, you need to treat these AI Tools as writing assistants which they are. Use them to help improve the clarity and style of your writing.

Most importantly, you can use these AI content generators to generate outlines, brainstorm ideas, paraphrase content, and expand or shorten the text, among others. You should always fact-check anything AI-generated. Time and again, AI tools have been empirically proved to generate inaccurate information. They can also generate plagiarized content.

You always need to heavily edit the content that is AI-generated. Better yet, use AI detectors and plagiarism checkers to make sure AI-generated content is plagiarism-free. Depending on the AI writing assistant you choose, some of the AI tools I listed below (e.g., Jasper, Rytr) include built-in plagiarism checkers that allows you to easily scan generated content and make sure it is plagiarism free.

Also, some of these AI text writers include chatbots that can interact with your textual prompts (e.g., Jasper, ChatGPT, and WriteSonic). You can simply input your question and the AI bot generates content based on your prompt within seconds.

If you are to ask me about my favorite AI text writer  from the list below I would confidently answer Jasper. Among all the AI content generators below, Jasper is the only one that can produce content with a higher degree of quality, accuracy, and uniqueness. 

In their case study comparing content generated by different AI tools, the folks at Search Logistics, concluded that Jasper, and to a certain extent Frase came out as winners. Their content sounds more human-like and contains fewer instances of plagiarism if at all.

Best AI writing assistants

Here is my classification of the best AI writing assistants ordered descendingly.

1. Jasper

Jasper is by far the best AI content generator out there. It helps you generate content with a higher degree of uniqueness and accuracy. Jasper is also the AI writer which produces less plagiarized content and in several tests, Jasper proved to pass AI content detectors.

Jasper offers a wide variety of features that are ideal for generating any type of content: educational, commercial. media content, and more. It offers ready made templates that enable you to quickly generate unique content without the need to manually create it. Read my full Jasper review to learn more about this amazing tool.

Price: Offers two modes: Boss Mode (starts at $59/month, plus 5 days free trial), Business Mode (starts at $499/month)

2. CopyAI

CopyAI is another good AI writer that can help you with your writing. It works almost in similar ways as Jasper except that it does not include a chatbot, yet. CopyAI offers a wide range of content creation templates to help you write quickly. 

These include Essay Intro, Essay Outline, Explain Like I’m 5, Freestyle, Bullet Point to Blog Section, Bullet Point to Paragraph, Verb Booster, Two Sentence Stories, Tone Changer, Growth Ideas, Name Generator, and many more.

Price: Offers two modes: Boss Mode (starts at $59/month, plus 5 days free trial), Business Mode (starts at $499/month)

3. WriteSonic

WriteSonic is an AI writing assistant that offers some really good features. I have been tinkering with it for some time now and I like it so far. WriteSonic includes a ChaptGPT-like chatbot that can interact with your textual prompts and offer responses.

Other features provided by WriteSonic include over 100 AI templates, support for 25 languages, AI article writer, a Sonic Editor (similar to Google Docs), a paraphrasing tool to instantly paraphrase text, text expander to lengthen your content, Article Summarizer to quickly summarize your articles, Production Descrip

4. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is another AI content generator that has got the Internet by storm. The basic premise behind ChatGPT is to provide conversational responses to textual prompts. The bot can understand much of the context and can produce human-like content. You can use ChatGPT in various ways. 

You can for instance use it to generate outlines, brainstorm ideas, get help with tutorials, and many more. However, ChatGPT in its current form lacks factual rigor and its content is plagiarism ridden. You also need to fact-check all its responses to make sure they are accurate.

Price: Free

5. Frase

Frase is another AI content generator that provides an easy way for you to create various types of content. While it is especially ideal for bloggers and SEO professionals, still Fraser offers a variety of features that make it easy for any one else to automatically generate content quicker. 

Use the Write for Me to autocomplete sentences and even write entire paragraphs. You can also use the pre-designed template to quickly write things such as blog intros, headings, content briefs, and more. You can also use Frase to help improve the quality of your writing with automatic passage paraphrasing and rewriting.

Price: Offers the following plans: Solo ($14.99/month), Basic ($44.99/month), Team ($114.99/month).

6. Rytr

Rytr is another powerful AI writing assistant that allows you to generate content in a few seconds. Some of the features it provides include numerous ready-made templates to cover all your writing needs, over 20 tones of voice to style your writing, an integrated plagiarism checker, the ability to reword or shorten long text with a single click, extensive formative options to make text richer, and many more.

Price:  Free plan (offer up to 10k characters per month), Saver Plan ($9/month; offers up to 100k per month), Unlimited plan ($29/month; offers unlimited characters per month).