An avatar maker is an online tool that allows you to create a digital representation of yourself. Avatars are especially ideal to use for profile pics on social media or gaming websites. If you are looking for some good web tools where you and your students can create cartoon avatars or emoji avatars, the selection below contains some options to try out. These avatar makers are simple and easy to use and provide a wide variety of customization options. For mobile apps, check out best avatar making apps.

1. AvatarMaker 

AvatarMaker, as its name suggests, is an avatar builder tool. It is simple and easy to use. It is also web based and does not require any registration. You can simply head over to and start creating your avatar. Start with selecting your gender then proceed to customize your avatar the way you want.

There are five editing areas you can work on to create your unique avatar:: face, eyes, hair, clothes, and backs (background). Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Random’ button located under the avatar to get suggestions of possible avatars to use. Once the avatar is completed, you can share it on social media websites or download it in png format and use it on your blog or website.

2. Adobe Express 

Adobe Express allows you to create awesome personalized avatars. Adobe’s library contains tons of pre-designed avatar templates . Select the one you like and add your customizations. You can change colors, insert elements, add icons and images, edit typography and layout, and many more. Once your avatar is ready, save it and use it on your social media profiles.

3. Colorcinch  

Colorcinch, formerly Cartoonize, has this handy avatar maker that enables you to easily create and share custom character cartoons and anime profile photos. No sign-up is required. You can choose your gender and start building your avatar. Customizations provided include skin color, clothing, features, and accessories. Besides the avatar maker tool, Colorcinch also offers a suite of other powerful tools that include cartoon character maker, anime creator, and a photo editor.

4. Fotor 

Fotor offers a free online avatar maker that lets you create your own avatars using a wide variety of styles and customization options. There are tons of ready-made avatars with different themes to choose from. Select the avatar you are interested in and customize its appearance in the way you like.

Using Fotor avatar maker you will have to make the following types of avatars: cartoon avatar, anime avatar, gaming avatars, and NFT avatars. Fotor also includes a feature that allows you to turn your photos into avatars. Simply upload a photo, remove image background, choose an avatar filter, and Fotor will transform it into a realistic avatar.

5. Pixton 

Pixton avatar builder helps you create an avatar that looks like you. Choose a character template, select an outfit, and customize facial expressions. Pixton avatar maker is only available for registered users. Besides the comic maker, Pixton also offers a wide variety of educational resources to help you integrate comic strips in your teaching. These include content packs, printables, rubrics, lesson plans, activities, exercises, presentations, and several other materials. To learn more, check out Pixton full review.

6. Emoji 

Emoji is another good avatar maker that lets you create cartoon avatars. Emjoi offers various handy features that make the whole process simple and easy. You can pick your customizations from the app’s library of assets, add your favorite design elements, and when you are done save and share your final emoji avatar. Emoji is available as a Chrome extension to use on the web and is also available for iOS and Android operated devices.