Chromebooks are versatile tools that you can use for various purposes including creating music. Yes, that’s right! You can turn your Chromebook into a music studio and start creating, mixing, and sharing songs.  There are several music making apps to use in this regard. Below is a collection of some of the best out there. 
Before you start browsing the list, I want to address some of the frequent questions asked about music on Chromebooks.

How do you get music on your Chromebook? 

You can easily play music you have on your Chromebook by following these steps:
‘Sign in to your Chromebook.In the corner of your screen, select the Launcher  and then Up arrow .Open Files .Find your music files.Double-click a music file. It will open in the media player.’

Does Chromebook have a media player? 

Yes, Chromebook has its own default media player which plays most of media formats out there. However, you can always install third party media players from Chrome web store if you need more advanced features and functionalities.

Can you shuffle music on a Chromebook? 

Here is how to shuffle music on Chromebook internal player:
‘Open playlist: Select Playlist . All audio files in the same folder make a playlist.Shuffle music: Select Shuffle .Repeat playlist: Select Repeat .Repeat a song: Double-click or double-tap Repeat  to set it to Repeat Song .’

Apps to create music on Chromebook: 

1- BandLab

BandLab is a great music tool to use on your Chromebook. It enables users to record, mix, and collaborate on music production. BeatLab’s free Mix Editor provides access to a huge library of beats and loops with the ability to import or record live audio. Using Mix Editor you will be able to record, edit and remix your tracks. You can add creative effects, use loops, and fetch samples from BeatLab’s royalty-free sound packs. 

There are also over 200 professionally created instruments from drum kits to pianos that users can try out. “There are no limits to how much music you can create. With unlimited cloud storage and accessibility across all devices, you can access the music you created on your phone from your desktop browser. Music making is everywhere.”

2- Soundtrap for Education

Most of you are familiar with Soundtrap. This is an excellent tool that allows you to create “music online by using loops and software instrument and by recording vocals, guitars and more. Invite friends to collaborate. It’s free and no download is required.” 

Soundtrap is a digital audio station that you can use right on your browser and works across different devices and operating systems. Some of the features Soundtrap for Education offers include:
“Create music with a large set of high-quality, professional loops. Record vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, bass and more. Use the preamp and the large number of high-quality guitar, bass and vocal effectsPlay the built-in sampled instruments (piano, organ, synths, drums)Save your recordings in the cloudInvite friends to collaborate on the recording using, for example, video chat possibilities. Share your recordings on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloudDistribute your music on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Rhapsody and Google PlayUse it on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, Android phones and tablets and iPad”.

3- Song Maker

Song Maker provides you with a powerful music making platform where you can compose, create and share your music. You can record your voice and add it to songs. The app’s library includes thousands of free sounds, beats and loops to use in your own music project. 

Song Maker offers numerous sounds categories and loop samples including “Bass, Guitar, Trap & Future Bass One Shot, Trap Loops, Hip Hop, Metal Guitar Loops, Metal Guitar One Shot, Drum & Bass, Kick, Clap, Piano, Piano Loops and a song maker to compose music. Make music with our sounds or add your own to the mix, work like a DJ in the music studio and enjoy your composition.”

4- Music Maker Jam

This is a simple and easy to use song maker that lets you create music and remix beats. There are over 300 Mix packs with more than 500.000 loops. Music Maker Jam also enables you to “record your voice and mix your vocals into your beats, then apply autotune effects for ultimate results, like a real trap beat maker.” When your songs are ready you can share them directly to social media websites including YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, TikTok and more.

5- Eding Mix

Edjing Mix turns your device into a DJ set up enabling you to remix and create beautiful tracks. Some of the interesting features it provides include: 
Access 16 free samples: siren, gunshot, kick, snarePossibility to link the sampler to the crossfader to cut the pads’ samples sound depending on your crossfader’s position.HD recording of your mixes and scratch routines in .wav formatAccess millions of tracks coming from TIDAL, SoundCloud and all your local folders and remix in an instant with more than 20 DJ fx and features.Queue system to prepare the upcoming songsAutomatic BPM detection for all your songslittle audio spectrum to navigate in your musicautomated audio FX sync on the BPM (loop, cue, seek), and more.

‘Audiotool is a powerful online DAW right in your browser with a built-in publishing platform to share your creations. Build your arrangement by dragging the devices to the desktop and connect them with virtual cables. All device settings can be saved as a preset and be shared with the community resulting in more than 50.000 presets for the various devices.’

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