Immersed, a startup known for its work-focused productivity app for VR, may have jumped the gun a little early, as the company posted a short clip of what appears to be Meta’s upcoming Project Cambria mixed reality headset (aka ‘Quest Pro’).

The video, spotted in a company blogpost, appears to be demonstrating the Immersed app in action on the unreleased Quest Pro, making use of its hand tracking and mixed reality capabilities.

Here’s a copy of the GIF, which has since been removed from the post:

First putting on a Quest Pro headset, the clip shows a user toggling through three levels of immersion: a full-color augmented reality view for productivity, a fully-immersed VR view for real-time collaboration, and a mixed reality view which combines both elements by also incorporating a physical keyboard and the user’s actual hands.

Meta hasn’t publicly acknowledged the Quest Pro naming scheme yet, however after an alleged unauthorized unboxing of the headset last month has shown the supposed unit’s exterior in full replete with Quest Pro branding—basically unveiling it well ahead of Meta’s upcoming Connect developer conference due to take place October 11th.

Based on images courtesy Immersed, Zectariuz Gaming

If there was any doubt, here are still images from the video (left) and from the unauthorized unboxing of Quest Pro (right). The only notable difference between the two is the inclusion of a light-blocking facial interface in Immersed’s shot, which may come in the box or be an extra for the sake of better immersion.

We’re sure to learn more then, although it seems fairly certain we’ll not only be seeing a lot of the next-gen standalone at Connect, but maybe a chance to plonk down some cash too for the admittedly expensive headset, said to be priced “significantly” higher than $800.

When speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in late August, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg let it slip that the company’s “next device [is] coming out in October,” which could mean we’ll be seeing an official pre-order announcement there too.

And the leaks don’t stop there. While readers should take it with a grain of salt, there’s been a report of a cheaper Meta Quest 3 set to follow Quest Pro at some point next year, which includes the latter’s full-color AR passthrough and depth sensor, however omitting Quest Pro’s face and eye-tracking function.