The creator of a PC VR driver which includes support for the original PSVR 1 headset says it is are stepping away from hacking PSVR 2 to work with PC VR, citing frustrating technical, financial, and social challenges.

Mediator Software, the developer of a PSVR-to-PC SteamVR driver called iVRy, says it is putting efforts to hack PSVR 2 for PC VR compatibility on hold. Just days after saying it had managed to authenticate PSVR 2 on PC, the developer says the project is now on ice.

“I’m walking away from this project for the time being. Between spiralling costs, a never ending set of obstacles put forward by the PSVR2, unrealistic hype in blogs, abusive commenters and accusations of fraud, it has ceased to be fun. I’ll be back. Some time,” reads the announcement.

The creators also shared screenshots showing what kind of social media strife they were facing, apparently with regards to Mediator Software seeking financial support for the project from the community.

Aside from the social challenges, struggling to get PSVR 2 working on SteamVR isn’t surprising. Despite their best efforts, the iVRy developers themselves previously said it was “unlikely” that PSVR 2 would be useable for PC VR “within five years of its release,” if ever.

That’s a shame considering PSVR 2 is one of the market’s best consumer headsets to date, and even has the basic ability to act like a proper display when plugged into a PC.

While we’d love to see PSVR 2 work with PC VR, the reality is that Sony has little incentive to let it happen.

Thanks to our pal Daniel Fearon for the tip!