Learning language is not only about learning syntax and grammar, it is also about knowing how to use language in real life situations. Linguists call this communicative competence. For learners to develop such a competence, they need, among other things, contact with native speakers of the target language. Luckily, web technologies now offer the possibility to engage with native speakers and learn language in context.

One way to learn a new language from native speakers is through watching movies. In this post, I share with you these practical Chrome apps that will enable your students to learn English through watching movies. The apps provide a wide variety of language learning features including bilingual captioning. I invite you to check them out and share with us (Twitter handle @educatorstech) if you have other suggestions to add to the list.

1. Language Reactor

Language Reactor is a Chrome extension that enables users to learn English through movies and native materials on Netflix and YouTube. Once you install the extension, you will be provided with a language learning toolbox that includes the following features: the ability to display two types of translations :machine and human. 

Language Reactor also offers catalogues for Netflix and YouTube allowing language users to access curated lists of video materials designed to help them improve their language learning. Users can also import web pages right into Language Reactor using the right-click menu. 

2. Two Captions for YouTube & Netflix

As its name indicates, this is another Chrome app that helps you learn English (or any supported language for that matter) through movies and video materials on YouTube and Netflix. It works more or less in the same way as Language Reactor. The app provides subtitles in two different languages on YouTube and Netflix. 

The first language is the language spoken in the video and the second is the target language. Two Captions app is especially ideal for ‘language learners who need what the speaker is saying and the translation in user’s native language.’

3. NflxMultiSubs 2021

NflxMultiSubs  is a Chrome app that helps you learn English through Netflix movies. Like the previous apps, NflxMultiSubs displays bilingual subtitles  in video content in Netflix. Some of the features it offers include the ability to enable secondary subtitles in available languages including image-based subtitles like Japanese and Chinese, 3 action modes to choose from (disabled, automatically match subtitle language to audio language, remember the last selected language), seamless integration with native netflix player UI, adjust playback speed with a hotkey, and more.