Automagical Forms is a good Google Drive tool that allows you to easily create Google Forms from your PDFs, Docs and Slides. The process is simple and easy, simply install the add-on and with one click you will get your forms ready to use. As a teacher, you can use Automagical Forms to create digital quizzes, questionnaires, surveys, polls and many more.

“Open Automagical Forms and simply single click on a PDF or Google Doc in Google Drive. Automagical Forms creates the questions in the sidebar and creates a new Google Form with a click of a button. It is that easy! Save HOURS creating Google Forms. Ditch having to retype text from PDF’s and playing the copy/paste game from Google Docs. “

As of right now, Automagical Forms only supports multiple choice and short answer question types. “Currently math equations and images are not supported. Automagical Forms creates editable Google Forms. Customize your Form and add different question types after creation. Complex forms, images, radio options, or non standard presentation of questions may not be detected.”

The free version of Automagical Forms is limited. It only allows you to create Google Forms from 1-2 pages with up to 6 pages per month. Also, the free version does not support image and handwriting recognition.

Watch the video below to learn more about Automagical Forms