Baamboozle is a game-based learning platform that contains over one million learning games ideal for use with students in and out of class. These games are designed by fellow teachers and educators and work for students of all ages and abilities. Baamboozle also enables teachers to easily create their own games and share them with others. The site is simple and easy to use and no prior technical knowledge is required. 

Unlike other game-based learning platforms, Baamboozle does not require students to have access to their devices. You only need a screen in your classroom such as an interactive whiteboard and you can project Baamboozle onto it allowing the whole class to immerse in fun learning experiences. 

How to use Baamboozle in your classroom?

There are various ways to use Baamboozle games in your teaching. For instance, you can use them as review activities by selecting the Four in Row play mode. Students compete against each other and earn points for the knowledge they have learned. There is also Baamboozle’ s Memory mode which can be used to create games for warm-up activities in class. 

Another interesting gameplay mode that teachers can use in class is the  Tic Tac Toe game style. Teachers can use it to design interval short activities when transitioning from one section of the lesson to the other. Given their speedy nature, Tic Tac Toe games are especially ideal for filling empty gaps between lesson activities. There is also the Bingo mode that teachers can use to play exit ticket games. 

How to search for games on Baamboozle?

Baamboozle contains tons of fun educational games created by other teachers and educators. You can use the integrated search functionality in the site to search for these games. Here is how to search for games on Baamboozle: head over to the site’s main page, click on Games and use the search box on the left hand side bar. You can search for games by Language, popularity, alphabetic order, and  date. You can also use the advanced filters to further hone in your search. For instance, you can include in your search copied games or search for games with specific number of questions. 

Baamboozle+ gameplay styles

Baamboozle+, the premium version of Baamboozle, offers four additional ways of playing games: Memory, Four in a Row, Tic Tac Toe, and Bingo:

1- Memory
The Memory mode is excellent for helping students boost their attention and focus and improve their memory skills. In this mode, students are required to ‘click through the numbered tiles to find matching pairs… and every time a team finds a pair, they get some precious points!’

2- Four in a Row
Four in a Row is a multifaceted game mode that provides students with different engaging elements to keep them focused on the game. ‘When your students play this game, they need to earn their tiles by correctly answering questions. If they don’t get a question right, they don’t get their greedy mitts on a sought-after tile’. 

3- Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe is a quick game style that is short in duration but high in excitement and fun. In this mode, ‘students only get to scribble a symbol onto the interactive grid when (and if!) they correctly answer a question—so concentration throughout the lesson pays off, and those with greater knowledge have a better chance of glory!’

4- Bingo
Bing is a classic game mode that is ideal for long classroom activities. Students play solo as they create their own bingo cards. They can either use pre-made templates or start their cards from scratch.

How to create a Baamboozle game?

To be able to create games on Baamboozle you first need to sign in to your Baamboozle account. Once signed in, click on  My Library and select +Game. In the game editor you can add a title and description for your game, insert images and GIFs, select your preferred language, select whether you want to make your game public (anyone can play it) or private (only you can play it), then click on ‘Make game’. Next, add questions and answers, and select value points. You also have the option to add questions with images. 

How to play Baamboozle game?

Before you start playing Baamboozle game with students make sure you split them into groups  (use these random group generators for help). You can create up to 4 teams for free, use Baamboozle+ to add up to 8 teams. Now that your teams are ready, head over to Baamboozle main page and click on Games. Browse through the games and select the one you like. Next, click on Play button from the left side panel and choose the play mode you like. 

How much does Baamboozle cost?

Baamboozle offers different subscription plans. There is the free Basic plan which comes with limited features. There are the Baamboozle+ Yearly  which costs $59.88 USD ($4.99/month) and Baamboozle+ Monthly which costs $7.99/month. Premium Baamboozle plans offer way more features and perks including: premium game modes (Story Dice, Four in a Row, Memory, Bing, and Tic Tac Toe), slideshows, unlimited access to power-ups, and many more.

Baamboozle alternatives?

Some of the best alternative game-based learning platforms to Baamboozle include: Kahoot, Gimkit, Blooket, Factile, Quizlet, Quizizz, and Quizalize.