Artificial intelligence is reshaping the Internet (and our life) in unprecedented ways. For us in the education, AI ripples are felt throughout the field and while some educators are still viewing it with skepticism but I believe the current era is the era of AI. 

Our students are already leveraging the power of generative AI (e.g, ChatGPT) and whether you like it or not, we have no choice to embrace the educational potential of this technology and learn about how to effectively it integrate it in our instructional practice.

As an educator and EdTech researcher, I have been closely following AI over the last few months with a special focus on exploring the immense possibilities it offers in terms of creating meaningful learning experiences.

In this regard, I reviewed a wide variety of AI tools that I believe can revolutionize the way we create and deliver educational content. These include:

In this article, I want to touch on the use of AI in creating effective and engaging presentations. More specifically, I will introduce you to some of the best AI presentation makers that will help you create beautiful and professional presentations in just a few clicks.

There are several reasons why you need to consider using AI presentation makers. Some ofn these include:

– Automated designing process for creating slides
– No need to learn complicated design software
– Quickly create visually appealing presentations
– Easy to customize presentations with your own content and images
– Ability to format slides in any style you like.

1. PowerPoint AI features

PowerPoint is among the best presentation makers out there. It has been around for many years and for several of us, their first presentation was created through it. Since the introduction of AI into the digital scene, PowerPoint has its own share of this technology and there are now several AI features that you can use to power up your presentation skills on PowerPoint.
I recently watched this video from Kevin Statvert in which he discussed the different ways to enhance your PowerPoint skills using AI and thought it is worth adding to this list. Kevin talked about a number of integrated AI features to use on your PowerPoint including an AI powered designer, Cameo and live video, presentation coach, subtitles, and more. Check out the entitle video tutorial to learn more about how to leverage the power of artificial intelligence in your PowerPoint presentations.

2. is an AI-assisted presentation platform that enable you to create stunning, professional presentations in minutes. It features a large gallery of ready-made, smart slides with drag and drop capabilities for easy customization and an edit control function so you can change any value or size of elements on your slide. also allows users to add their own brand colors, fonts and logos for a consistent look across all their presentations.

In addition to traditional text-based slides, offers an array of rich media content such as images, videos and audio tracks from sites such as Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay. With its powerful collaboration tools, you can easily add other team members, share your presentations and work with anyone, anywhere.

3. Design AI is an AI-powered design platform that enables users to create stunning presentations with ease and efficiency. It offers a variety of presentation templates, graphic elements, customizable layouts, and more. 

To start using Design AI, open the platform on your device, sign in or sign up then search for presentation to start designing. Select a pre-made presentation template of your choice, customize it the way you want: you can add images, logos, branding elements, various fonts, colors, layouts, and more. Once your presentation is ready, you can download it in PDF, JPG, or PNG file.

4. Presentation AI

Presentation AI is another interesting AI presentation maker to try out. Presentation AI creates stunning decks from a simple text description. The tool also offers a wide variety of editable professionally designed templates that you can easily customize to your needs. 

Other features provided by Presentation AI include form to deck allowing you to generate a deck with your inputs based on your own prompts, deliver decks on Zoom or in-person, control access, track effectiveness, track engagement and impact of your content, manage feedback by sharing links, and more. You can also “write your story, or paste content from a doc or webpage – go from draft to deck in no time.”

5. Synthesia AI

Synthesia AI is one of the promising AI text to video generators that has been making rounds online. Synthesia offers this handy AI video presentation maker that enables you to create beautiful video presentation using text prompts. Synthesia is simple and easy to use, no video or graphic design knowledge required. The tool also supports over 120+ languages.

Start with choosing a video template from Synthesia’ s template library, create a brief presentation script and include individual video scenes and narration. Next, copy and paste your presentation script into Synthesia and watch as it automagically generates voice-overs for your text. 

You can then personalize your video presentation by adding images, AI avatars, music, animations, transitions, screen recordings, and more. When you are done, you can share your video presentation through a generated link, upload it to YouTube, or embed it in your website.

6. Tome

Tome is an all-in-one presentation and storytelling tool that enables users to create entire narratives from scratch or add additional content pages in seconds. Equipped with features such as DALL·E 2 tile for creating images, drag-and-drop creation tools, responsive pages, one-click themes, live web embeds, video recording and sharing, and more, Tome makes it easy to create captivating stories using the generative power of AI.
With native video recording, users can easily talk through a nuanced point or add a personal touch to their story or presentation even if they are not in the same place at the same time. Tomes are designed to fit any device so that viewers can enjoy the content with ease.

7. Slides AI

Slides AI is an AI-powered tool that automates the process of creating slides for presentations, saving you time and energy. It offers a variety of presentation types, including educational, sales, and conference styles. 

You can simply enter text and select the slide type you want then you can customize it the way you want. When done, click to export it. is also integrated with Google Workspace and can be downloaded from its marketplace.

Canva Magic Presentation

Magic Presentation is a recent addition to Canva’s suite of powerful AI tools recently announced during Canva Creative Live event that took place a few day ago in Sydney Australia.
Canva Magic Presentation is an innovative tool for creating effective and professional presentations. It allows you to quickly generate a first draft of your presentation with an outline, slides, and content. This can be done in just a few words by entering your idea into the tool. The result is a visually appealing presentation with easy-to-understand slides and content.

Magic Presentation also offers some powerful features to help users customize their presentations. You can easily tweak slides with fonts, colors, images, graphics, and more. Live previewing allows you to see the changes you make in real-time.