In this post, we’ll delve into a diverse selection of educational iPad apps for students. I have already reviewed and recommend these apps in several posts here in Educators Technology and today I am aggregating them all in a signle list so you can easily access them.

These iPad apps for students are not only educational but also engaging and user-friendly, catering to various learning styles and academic needs. From interactive learning tools to organizational aids, these apps promise to transform the educational experience, making learning a more interactive, enjoyable, and effective process.

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iPad Apps for Students

Here are some of the best educational iPad apps that I’ve found particularly useful in educational settings:

1. Khan Academy

This is a fantastic resource for students of all ages. It offers a vast array of subjects, from math and science to humanities. The interactive exercises and instructional videos make learning dynamic and accessible. It’s especially helpful for supplementing classroom lessons or for students who need extra help in certain subjects.

2. Duolingo

If you’re looking to incorporate language learning, Duolingo is a fun and interactive choice. It covers a wide range of languages and uses a game-like format that keeps students engaged. It’s perfect for beginner to intermediate learners, and it can be a great tool for building foundational language skills.

3. Notability

For older students, especially those in high school or college, Notability is a game-changer. It allows students to take notes, annotate PDFs, and sketch ideas. The ability to integrate hand-written notes with typed text and audio recordings makes it a versatile tool for various learning styles.

4. ScratchJr

For younger students, ScratchJr is an excellent introduction to the world of coding. It uses a simple, visual interface that allows kids to create their own interactive stories and games. It’s a fun way to develop problem-solving skills, creativity, and an understanding of basic programming concepts.

5. Epic! – Kids’ Books and Videos

This is a digital library for kids 12 and under. It’s an amazing resource with a vast collection of books, educational videos, and audiobooks. It’s great for encouraging reading and can be used for independent reading time or for research on various topics.

6. Explain Everything

This is an interactive whiteboard app that is fantastic for creating instructional videos or for students to demonstrate their understanding. It allows users to annotate, animate, narrate, and explore ideas creatively. It’s great for any subject area, especially for visual learners.

7. Book Creator

This app allows students to create their own ebooks. They can add text, images, audio, and even video. It’s an excellent tool for project-based learning and can be used across all grade levels. Whether they’re creating a storybook, a science report, or a portfolio, it’s a fantastic way to encourage creativity and writing skills.

8. Seesaw

This is a student-driven digital portfolio app that makes it easy to share and reflect on learning. Students can add photos, videos, drawings, or notes to showcase their learning and teachers can provide feedback. It’s great for parent engagement as well since it allows for easy sharing of student work.

9. Tynker

Tynker is another coding app but it’s geared towards slightly older students compared to ScratchJr. It offers guided lessons to teach coding with block-based programming. It’s an excellent way to develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun, interactive way.

10. Quizlet

This app is superb for study and revision. Students can use it to create flashcards, play learning games, and take practice tests. It’s particularly useful for memorizing facts and terms, making it a great tool for subjects that require a lot of memorization, such as languages or history.

11. Wolfram Alpha

This app is like a computational search engine, perfect for high school and college students. It can solve equations, graph functions, and answer questions across numerous subjects including math, science, and even music theory. It’s an excellent resource for research and complex problem solving.

12. Photomath

This app allows students to scan math problems, and then it shows them how to solve them step-by-step. It’s incredibly useful for students who need extra help in math or for those who want to check their work. Photomath covers a wide range of math topics, from basic arithmetic to calculus.

13. Brainscape

This is another flashcard app but with a focus on cognitive science. It uses spaced repetition to help students learn more efficiently. Students can create their own flashcards or use existing ones. It’s great for any subject where memorization is key.

14. Todo Math

Aimed at early elementary students, Todo Math offers interactive math games covering foundational math concepts like counting, addition, subtraction, and geometry. It’s designed to be accessible, including for learners with special needs, making math learning fun and engaging for young students.

15. Socrative

Socrative is a student response system that allows teachers to create quizzes, polls, and games that students can respond to in real-time. It’s a fantastic tool for formative assessment and for encouraging active participation in the classroom.

16. Puppet Pals HD

This is a fun and creative storytelling app. Students can create their own animated shows using different characters and backgrounds. It’s a great tool for language arts, allowing students to demonstrate understanding of stories, create their own narratives, or even explain concepts in other subjects.

17. Green Screen by Do Ink

This app allows students to create green screen videos with ease. It’s fantastic for digital storytelling, presentations, and creative projects. Students can use it to superimpose themselves into different settings, making learning more dynamic and engaging.

18. Stop Motion Studio

This app allows students to create stop-motion videos. It’s a fun way to tell stories, explain concepts, or just express creativity. It can be used across various subjects to create engaging and educational content.

19. Hopscotch

This is another coding app, but it’s geared more towards older elementary and middle school students. It teaches programming through creating games, stories, and animations. Hopscotch is a great way to introduce students to the concepts of coding in an enjoyable and accessible manner.

20. Evernote

Evernote is a versatile note-taking and organization app. It allows students and teachers to create notes, compile research, organize materials, and even collaborate on projects. Its ability to sync across devices makes it an excellent tool for keeping track of assignments, lectures, and study materials.

21. Google Keep

This is a simple yet effective note-taking app that integrates well with other Google services. Students can use it for quick notes, to-do lists, and reminders. The color-coding and labeling features make it easy to organize different subjects or projects.

22. Kindle

The Kindle app provides access to a vast library of books, textbooks, and other reading materials. It’s a valuable resource for students to access required reading as well as explore topics of interest. The app also has features like highlighting and note-taking, which are useful for studying.

23. Bear

Bear is a beautifully designed, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. It’s excellent for students who need a focused and intuitive interface for writing essays, journaling, or even creating study guides. Its markup options and linking ability enhance organization and referencing.

24. Notion

As an additional suggestion, Notion is a fantastic all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. It allows you to take notes, add tasks, manage projects, and more. It’s particularly useful for older students managing multiple aspects of their academic life.

25. GoodNotes

GoodNotes is another note-taking app that excels in handwritten notes. It’s perfect for students who prefer writing over typing. The ability to annotate PDFs, create digital notebooks, and organize them effectively makes it a top choice for many students.

Final thoughts

The apps we’ve explored today offer a glimpse into the myriad ways technology can enrich the educational experience. Whether it’s through creative storytelling with Green Screen by Do Ink, mastering math with TodoMath, organizing thoughts with Google Keep and GoodNotest, each app has its unique charm and educational value. I believe these apps do not only make education more accessible and engaging but also prepare our students for a future where technology and learning go hand in hand.

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