2023 is just around the corner: a new year, a new beginning, as the saying goes. If you are like me super excited and can’t wait for the start of a new year, you will probably be counting the remaining days and hours until the day the fireworks ring in 2023. But you don’t have to do it the traditional way!

There are several online tools and calendars to use for live countdowns to the new year. There are also mobile apps that let you create custom countdown widgets displaying the number of days left to the new year.

In this post, I share with you some of the best new year’s countdown tools and apps to use on your desktop as well as mobile devices. Some of these tools offer the option to create and customize your own countdowns. Check them out and share with us on our social media profiles if you have other new year’s countdown apps or tools.

1. New Year’s Countdown, by Time and Date

The Time and Date website offers access to this beautiful new year’s countdown clock allowing you to know exactly how many days till the new year. The clock automatically detects your time zone but you can also change the time to see new year across the world. The website offers other interesting time and date tools including: calendars, time zone converter, world time lookup, world clock, printable calendars, calculators, timers, and many more.

2. Your Count Down

Your Count Down provides an online live new year’s timer enabling you to countdown to the first day of the new year. The timer shows the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds left to the new year. Users can save and share the countdown as an image file or save it to Google Calendar.

Registered members also have the option to track the countdown on their own wall. Besides new year timer, Your Count Down also offers a number of other live countdowns including Chinese New year countdown, Easter countdown, Halloween countdown, Mother’s Day countdown, among others.

3. vClock

vClock has this simple live new year’s countdown clock which you can customize to your liking. You can increase or decrease the text font and use the full screen for a better view. You can also share your live new year countdown on social media websites or use the embed code to embed it on your website or blog.

5. New Year’s Day Countdown, Online-Stopwatch

Online-Stopwatch offers this colorful and live new year’s countdown that you can access from any web browser. Unlike other countdown timers, Online-Stopwatch does not offer customization options. Other tools provided by the site include group generators, chance games, exam timers, classroom timers, race timers, holiday timers, presentation timers, sensory timers, clocks, and many more.

6. New Year’s Countdown, by Tick Counter

Tick Counter offers this live new year’s countdown timer that you can access for free. The timer is pretty basic but is accurate. It offers various customization options. For instance, you can add a background image to the countdown timer, adjust name and digits colors, change border width, and more.

You also have the choice to create your own custom countdown. You can choose a date and time, select a time zone, edit text font, and provide a name for your countdown. Once created, you can share it online using a generated link or use the embed code to integrate it in your blog or website.

7. New Year’s Countdown Apps

There are various mobile apps that enable you to add new year’s countdown widgets to your mobile device and keep track of how many days till the new year’s day. Some of these apps include New Year’s Countdown, New Year’s Eve Counter, and New Year Countdown. For more options, check out this collection featuring the best 8 countdown apps to use to create unlimited countdown events and reminders.