Walkabout Mini Golf, one of Quest’s top multiplayer games will get its next update come July 28th, a release date which was revealed alongside a new trailer for the next DLC course.

Walkabout Mini Golf developer Mighty Coconut today revealed a July 28th release date for its next DLC mini golf course which is based on the cult classic ’80s film Labyrinth. The release date comes alongside a new trailer showing off the course for the first time.

The studio has announced the DLC course, which includes 18 holes with ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ variants, will be price at $3. Like other courses, it will include new music, 18 ‘lost balls’ to find, and a scavenger hunt which will unlock a unique putter. And like the game’s other paid DLC courses, we expect the new course to offer a ‘friend pass’, which means anyone can play the course for free as long as one person in the group owns it.

Might Coconuts says the Labyrinth course is their largest and most complex to date, and has also teased “expansive mazes and gardens to explore,” along with animated characters from the film. Further, the update will include new avatars inspired by the film for players to use.

The Labyrinth course will be the game’s 5th DLC course and its 13th course overall.

Image courtesy Mighty Coconut

Beyond the new DLC course, the update will also expand Walkabout Mini Golf’s multiplayer lobbies from five to eight players—a nice bonus given the game’s easy room-code lobby system and cross-platform support between Quest, Rift, and Steam.

And just as a reminder, Walkabout Mini Golf is one of the games that support Quest ‘Invite Links’, which are the easiest way to jump into VR with a friend!