Checkology is an excellent website that provides educational resources to enhance the teaching of news literacy and to help students become informed digital citizens. These resources include challenges, exercises, fact checking missions, and standards-aligned lessons that cover various topics. 

For instance, the lesson on misinformation educates students on the different genres of misinformation and their impact on democracy. In Understanding Bias, students learn about types of media bias, how it manifests itself, and the ways to minimize it. “Each lesson, challenge and exercise has a difficulty ranking meant to assist educators as they create a customized course for their students”. 

Checkology resources are available for free. As a teacher, you can set up your account and access the help center for more guides and tutorials on how to integrate this tool in your classroom. You can also use the site’s learning management system to assess students work, monitor their progress, and track grades. And while it does not provide  full integration with third party platforms, Checkology does support signing up using Google, Schoology, and Clever. 

Materials on Checkology are particularly designed for middle school and high school students, “but the platform has been successfully used with students from fifth grade through community college, as well as with adult learners”. Also, Checkology resources have been “used in libraries, media centers, specialized civics and government courses, journalism and technology courses, science classes and more. News literacy education can be integrated into almost any subject area!”