Chegg is an educational website and app that offers academic help for students in various school subjects. More specifically, Chegg offers three main services: Chegg Study , textbook rentals, and internship career advice. Chegg offers these and several other services for a fee. Depending on the service you choose, there is a subscription plan that start at $14.95 per month. 

1- Chegg Study 

The  Chegg Study pack offers the following services: 

Textbook solutions: offers guided homework solutionsExpert Q&A: students can ask up to 20 questions per month to experts for assistanceWriting help: students work with experts to proofread your paper and correct errorsMath Solver: provides a graphing calculator for quick math helpPremium flashcards: features over 500 million flashcards made by both students and experts.Video Explanations: offers visual guidance for solving difficult learning problems. 
Chegg Study offers guided ‘expert’ support and tools tailored for each course. The way it works is similar to the homework help website Brainly. Students ask their questions and experts in the subject area provide answers and guidance. Students can also snap a photo of their question and share it with the Chegg community for help. 

Alternatively, students can search the huge Q&A library for homework problems and solutions. The subjects that support course help include  Biology, Business, Engineering, Math, and Science. 

Chegg Expert Q&A enables students to search for and access resources related to a specific topic or concept in a given subject area. There are 10 subjects students can choose from: Economics, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Statistics, Computer Science, Accounting, Engineering and Technology, Psychology, and Biology. Each subject features a wide variety of resources to help students learn about it. These include definitions, explanations, and illustrations of important concepts. 

Chegg Flashcards is another resource for students who like to learn through visual medium of flashcards. The site features tons of educational flashcards designed by students and experts. Students can search for flashcards relevant to their course right from within Chegg’s flashcard library using the search box or they can  browse flashcards by subject. Or, they can use the site tool to create their own study flashcards. 

Writing help is probably one of the best resources out there. Using this service, students will will get access to a plagiarism check tool which scans assignments and papers across billions of sources for missing citations and references. The citation tool enables them to generate citations for websites, books, journals, and many other sources. 

Citation styles supported include APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. There is also a section for help with grammar. Students upload their assignments and use the grammar check to catch grammatical errors (e.g. passive voice, unsupported claims, confusing word usage, and many more). 

The proofreading service is also included in the writing help section. Students get help with their writing from real writing experts. This include personalized feedback on one’s writing style, thesis, mechanics, and more.
Math solver is another powerful tool from Chegg to help students with their math homework. This is a graphic calculator that helps solve math equations. Using this tool students will be able to not only learn how to solve equations but more importantly why a certain method is chosen to solve the problem. 

Math solver also offers detailed step by step explanations to learn how solutions are arrived at, and provides help in various math areas including Pre Algebra, Algebra, Pre Calculus, Calculus, and Linear Algebra. 

2- Textbook rentals

Chegg offer an eTextbook rent service for $6.99 per month. Students can use the eBook reader to access their reading materials anytime, anywhere with Internet connection. They can “search and highlight functions available directly in [their ] eBook. Plus, easily access the table of contents to help [them] navigate [their] book.” However, only certain titles are available as physical textbook for rent. 

To search for textbooks students can use Chegg’s internal search functionality or browse textbooks by subject. They can also search for learning problems within specific textbooks and find solutions. Additionally, students can link their “books to a Chegg Study subscription and get step-by-step solutions for your book and a suite of tools customized to your courses.”  

3- Internships and career advice

Chegg also provides students with useful resources to help with their search for internship and careers. These include guides on how to get a summer internship, how to craft a winning resume, how to write a cover letter, how to conduct a successful job interview, and many more. 

Students can browse through numerous types of internships including summer internships, remote internships, high school internships, accounting internships, engineering internships, paid internships and many more. They can also use Chegg job search to search for jobs matching their skills and interests.