Co-op VR stealth action game Espire 2 is headed to Quest 2 later this month with a pre-order discount starting today. A new developer diary video shows the latest in the game’s development.

Update (November 4th, 2022): Developer Digital Lode today announced that its upcoming co-op VR stealth action game Espire 2 is set for a release date on November 17th. The game is also compatible with Quest Pro, but no the original Quest.

Espire 2 is available for pre-order as of today, offering a 10% discount off the full $30 price.

A new developer diary video from Digital Lode gives us a peek inside the game’s development and a glimpse of how co-op will work.

Espire 2 is the second entry in the series but the first which includes co-op for up to two players. The studio says the co-op mode is a separate campaign that bridges the gap between Espire 1 and Espire 2, however it sounds like the game’s primary campaign won’t support co-op.

Original Article (April 20th, 2022): Called Espire 2, publisher Tripwire Interactive and Digital Lode call it a “bigger-and-better sequel,” with launch on Quest 2 slated for November 2022.

“Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to ultimately locate and stop the launch of an untraceable, supersonic missile, a true doomsday device,” the studios says. “Wield an array of high-tech gadgets as you go behind enemy lines and try to save the world for a second time.”

Espire 2 is also set to feature what Digital Lode calls “an entirely separate co-op campaign, with unique missions set in familiar Espire 1 locations.”

Set in the same world as Espire 1 (check out our full review here), the game lets you ‘pilot’ a deadly Espire Model 1 Operative espionage droid, which lets you operate it remotely from the safety of the Control Theatre.

Set in the year 2036, Espire 2 marks the return of Espire Agent POE, who emerges from a seven-year coma.

“POE is thrust back into the world of dark espionage as the centerpiece of the Espire project,” the studio says. “Now, with the help of two bleeding-edge droids called “Frames”, and an all-new arsenal of weapons and tools, POE must embark on a mission to eliminate the global threat imposed by the deadly terrorist organization, OPHIS.”

Additional reporting by Ben Lang