Digipuzzle is a website that offers a wide variety of free online educational games for kids. These games target various skill areas from math and geography to science and human body. I spent some time browsing through and trying a number of these games and found them entertaining and fun. 

Digipuzzle games will help kids enjoy their learning while having fun. Games have simple layouts containing just the basics in terms of visual graphics and animations thus providing kids with a distraction-free environment where they can focus on the gamified learning taking place within the game. 

The Education section in Digipuzzle features tons of educational games covering topics such as math, typing, geography, alphabets, programming, science, animals, history, music, back to school, and more. Each of these categories embed several game genres related to the main theme. For instance, Math games are arranged into the following sub-categories: Fractions, Counting, Multiplications, Math till 10, Math till 20, etc. Each of these subcategories contain games that offer practice on a specific skill. 

For instance, the Fractions subcategory contains the following math games: Fraction photo puzzles, Math-bubble Fractions, the Math-pyramid Fractions, Compare Fractions, Fraction Flags, Fraction Wall, Fraction Monkeys, and many more. To play any of the featured games, simply click on it, read instructions related to the game play (most of the time you need to figure it out yourself) and use the toolbar on the right hand sidebar to access and edit the game settings. Most of the games come with the option to turn/off audio, go full screen, and more. 

Digipuzzle Geography section features games that help students develop their geography literacy and broaden their knowledge of the world. Geography games are arranged into the following categories: Geography USA, Geography Canada, Geography Europe, Geography Oceania, and Geography World. 

For instance, in Geography USA, there are games that help students learn about states (e.g., USA States Crossword Puzzles, USA States Wordsearch Puzzle, USA States Hangman, USA States MapPuzzle, etc), state capitals (e.g., State Capitals Link Puzzle, State Capitals Wordsearch Puzzle, etc) state flags (e.g.,  State Flags Link Puzzle, Hangman State Flags, etc), state cities (e.g., USA Cities Top Racer), and many more. 

Digipuzzle Reading section features games that help students learn alphabets, prepositions, word formation, and develop their vocabulary. Sample games include: Word Scramble Tools game, First Letter Game-Animals, Picture Quiz, The Word Snake, Flashcards Puzzle, Letter Muncher, Food Wordmixer, Word Hunt, Wordsearch Puzzles, Memory-opposites, The Hungry Monster-CVC Words, Count the Syllables game, Alphabet game, Kids Wordsearch games, and more.

To help kids develop their typing skills and become fluent typists, Digipuzzle offers a wide range of typing games that include: QWERTY Invaders game, Laster Typing Game, Meteor Rain Typing, Photo Typing, Typing Puzzle, Fire Typing, Pacman-Typing, Keyboard Shooting, Fruitpirate-Typing, Animal Photo Typing, Type and Learn-Basic Words, Type and Learn-Logos, Type and Learn- Word Cities, and many more. 

The Science section in Digipuzzle features games that help kids learn about the human body, space, plants, programming, senses, solar system, and more. Some of the featured games in the Science category include:  Word Cards – Human body, Word Scramble – Human body, Drag Puzzle – Solar System, Space Wordsearch Puzzles, Drag Puzzle – Parts of a Plant, Crossword – Heart and Circulatory System, Connect-It – The 5 senses, Crossword – Human Body, among others. 

Digipuzzle is completely free and all games are web-based and do not require any software download or registration. Games are also available in Spanish, German, French, Sweden, among other languages.