An increasing number of teachers email me asking about ways to print large posters and infographics. While I am not an expert in printing but I can offer some helpful tips. The first thing to keep in mind is to always save your infographic in PDF format and not PNG format. PDFs lend themselves to high quality resolutions in print. 

Also, before you print your infographic make sure you choose ‘Scale to fit’ in the printing options. This will make sure that the poster size fits perfectly in the page. Easelly has this excellent short guide to help you learn more about how to print high quality infographics and posters.

As for the online tools to use to create posters and infographics. I would recommend Canva, PiktoChart, Adobe Express among others. These are simple and easy to use tools. They are also free but offer premium versions if you want more advanced features. To start creating your infographic/post, you can select a pre-made template or start with a blank template.
The advantages of using a pre-made template is that you get to work with a template that is professionally designed (well, unless you are a professional designer) and will save you so much time and effort. You can still edit pre-made templates, add your own text, images, shapes, fonts…etc and customize them the way you want.
Once your poster or infographic is complete, click on preview to see how it would look once printed or shared online with others. Make sure it is visually coherent and has no typing errors. Next, save your visual in PDF format to your computer then open the downloaded PDF and click to print it.
Block Poster is a tool I covered a few years ago which you can use to help you create and print you infographics and posters. Block Poster is free to use but your printed poster will be watermarked. To print posters with no watermark you need to pay a small fee. The way Block Poster works is simple easy but it only works with JPEG format.
Another interesting tool to help you with printing of infographics and posters is Easy Poster Printer. This is a Windows app that allows you to create and print posters. “With Easy Poster Printer its easy to insert a photo and write custom text, decide the size of the poster, paper format (for the printer) and even export the poster images and use your favorite print software.”