We love the Halloween season and our kids love it even more. You can see the excitement in their eyes and sense it in the vibrant atmosphere everywhere you go. Halloween infuses everything with a spooktacular energetic vibe creating a lot of fun and joy. As teachers and parents we can not help but take full advantage of this amazing event and turn it into meaningful learning experiences for kids in and outside class, all while keeping the spooky and ghoulish spirit of the season intact. 

To this end, I collected for you this collection of educational resources to use to celebrate Halloween with your kids and students. You will find Halloween presentation templates, Halloween apps for kids, resources where you can access Halloween images and icons, Halloween books for kids, Halloween games and activities, Halloween printable worksheets, and many more.

1. Halloween Apps

This is a collection of some of the best Halloween apps to use with kids (and older learners) to engage them in fun Halloween themed activities and challenges . The apps offer puzzles, word challenges, interactive games, coloring pages, and many more. 

From learning how to carve jack-0-lanterns to fighting zombies by growing plants and seeds, the apps will take kids on a learning journey full of suspense, excitement, and fun. As kids interact with these games and activities, they get to practice a number of key skills including visual memory, literacy skills, motor skills, thinking skills, among others.

2. Halloween Books for Kids

In this collection, I handpicked for you some of the most popular Halloween books created specifically for kids and young learners. There is the story of Jasper Rabbit and his struggle with his creepy underwear that keeps coming back to him, Grandmama’s stories about the witches as she tells them to her grandson, Pete’s story as he goes trick-or-treating from house to house, Pookie ‘s story with his baffling collection of Halloween costumes, and several other Halloween themed stories that will not only entertain kids but will also help them develop key learning skills including social emotional learning.

3. Halloween Printable Worksheets

This is a collection of some handy printable Halloween worksheets to use in your instruction. The worksheets cover various topics from learning math skills to learning how to color haunted houses and pumpkins, students will definitely enjoy working on these materials. 

Most of these worksheets are free to use with students in class. Some of these worksheets are fully customizable allowing you to edit and customize them the way you want. Also, some of the platforms require registration to access their resources.

4. Halloween Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates

Looking for resources to add a spooky theme to your slides, these Halloween presentation templates have you covered. These are professionally designed templates that you can easily edit to suit your own teaching and presentational needs. 

Most of these materials are available for free download. Simply browse through the collections of Halloween templates, click on the one you like and start customizing and adding your own touch. You can add your favorite ghoulish colors, insert spooky images, add your jeepers fonts and there you go.

5. Halloween pictures

This is a collection of some very good resources where you can search for and access a wide variety of Halloween pictures and icons to use in your lessons. You can also use these images in your Halloween themed presentations and posters. 

Whether you want a Halloween background image, a spooky picture to add fun to your class games, or scary icons to insert in your multimedia materials, these resources are a great place to start with. Some of them, like Canva, allow you to edit images and add your own content.

6. Halloween Games and Activities

This is a collection of some great Halloween games from the popular educational games platform ABCYa. The games are simple yet powerful enough to engage kids in various Halloween themed activities from solving challenging puzzles and word searches to learning keyboarding skills. No login or sign up is required to play the games, and best of all, they are free.