Project Look Sharp is a platform that offers a wide variety of educational media literacy resources to “help K-16 educators enhance students’ critical thinking, metacognition, and civic engagement through media literacy materials and professional development”. These resources include over 500 free lessons and activities, demonstration videos featuring different teachers and educators as they explain media decoding strategies, free printable media handouts and posters, DIY guides and many more.

Project Look Sharp provides professional development materials designed  using a constructivist approach in order to empower teachers and students with the tools and analytical techniques required to critically engage with digital content. Project Look Sharp adopts a student centered and inquiry -based approach to learning and teaching thus highlighting students agency and valuing their voice.

Materials in Project Look Sharp are organized under two main headings: Free Classroom Materials where you will get to access lessons and kits, educational resources on specific topics (e.g., social justice, media bias and credibility, sustainability, etc), and handouts. 

In the Professional Development tab you will get to learn about the organization’s pedagogy, its offerings, and teacher Ed programs. To be able to access and use any of the materials offered on the site you need to be registered. Registration is free.

Courtesy of  Common Sense Education.