Christmas is upon us! Wherever you go you can feel its spirit filling the air and you can see its colors, red and green, decorating our physical environment. Christmas is a time for love, joy, gratitude, fun, and also learning. In Christmas resources for teachers, for instance, I featured a wide variety of resources to help you create Christmas themed learning experiences for kids and students.

To these resources I add this collection of Christmas crossword puzzles that you can use with kids (as well as adults) to help them learn about all aspects of this cultural and religious event. You will find puzzles that cover topics such as Christmas vocabulary, Christmas songs, Christmas stories, and many more.

Besides learning about Christmas, playing puzzles, generally speaking, has many cognitive benefits for kids. It helps kids use their critical thinking skills, develops logical reasoning, improves their problem solving skills, among others. Below you will find some of the crossword puzzle resources I carefully vetted and curated for you. You can use them to easily access and find free printable Christmas puzzles and games.

1. Christmas Crossword Puzzle, at ABCYa

ABCYa has this interesting Christmas crossword puzzle to help kids test their knowledge of Christmas vocabulary and facts. This crossword puzzle can be played either online or offline. The online version is fun to play as it offers interactive features such as animations, music, and hints.

To play the online Christmas crossword puzzle, click on the Play button and when the crossword is displayed on the screen click on a square to start playing. You will be provided with answer hints in the bottom of the screen. You can play the same word as many times as you want till you get it right.

2. Christmas Puzzles, at offers a wide variety of Christmas puzzles including Christmas Word puzzle, Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle, Christmas Tree Puzzle, Printable Christmas puzzle, Christmas Crossword, Christmas Picture Crossword, Christmas Sudoku and many more.

As a free member of, you only get limited access to the site’s resources. You will need to purchase premium membership to unlock unlimited access. The premium version offers two plans: a monthly plan for $15.99/month and an annual plan which costs $5/month.

3. Christmas Crossword Puzzles, at Primary Games

Primary Games is another platform where you can access a wide range of online Christmas crossword puzzles. You can play these puzzles on your computer, tablet or phone. To play these Christmas puzzles “use the keyboard to type or click the letters on the onscreen keyboard with your mouse to complete the puzzle. For touchscreen devices: Touch the keys on the onscreen keyboard to complete the puzzle.”

Other interesting Chrismtmas games offered by Primary Games include Santa Run, Christmas Drag & Drop Puzzle, Christmas Hex Puzzle, Christmas Hangman, Christmas Word Jumble, Christmas Word Search, Santa’s World Tour, Downhill Christmas, and many more. ALl of these Christmas games are free to play, no login required.

4. Christmas Crosswords, at K5 Learning

K5 Learning offers a couple of interesting Christmas puzzles to help kids practice Christmas vocabulary and improve their logical thinking. These include Christmas Picture Crossword, Christmas Crossword, Christmas Word Search, and Christmas Vocabulary. All of these materials are available for free download in PDF format. They also come with answer keys.

5. Printable Christmas Puzzles, at

Puzzles to Print offers a large collection of engaging Christmas puzzles to use with your kids and students. These puzzles include Christmas Party Word Search, Santa Claus Word Search, Christmas Foods Word Search, Merry Christmas Word Search, and more.

The Christmas puzzles section include Christmas Vocabulary, Image Crossword, Christmas Decorations Crossword, Christmas Tree Crossword, and Christmas Crossword Fill In. These individual Christmas puzzles are available to print for free. The site also offers Christmas puzzle bundles containing 12 high quality Christmas puzzles for $4.

6. Christmas Crossword Puzzles, at Crossword Labs

Crossword Labs provides access to a wide variety of free printable Christmas crossword puzzles. You can either play these crossword puzzles online or print them for offline use. In case you want to play them online, Crossword Labs offers a Focus Mode which removes all distracting features providing you with an ideal environment to enjoy your crosswords.

You can also embed these crosswords on your website or blog using the embed code. Examples of featured crossword puzzles include: Christmas Time, Christmas Crossword, International Christmas Puzzle, Christmas Trivia Crossword, and many more.

7. Christmas Crossword, at Islcollective

The leading ESL worksheets provider, Islcollective, offers this interesting selection of Christmas crossword puzzles that can be used in class, at home, or anywhere else. You can download the puzzles as PDF or doc or you can fill them online. You can also print and work on them offline. To access any of these materials you need to create an account with Islcollective. Registration is free.

8. Christmas Crossword, at

Christmas Crossword is a puzzle game that you can play online for free. All you need is Internet connection and a browser. No download, sign-up or app store visits required. Simply click on the Play button to start playing the puzzle. There is a timer on the left bottom side that shows how long you have been playing. You can click on the Settings button to turn on/off error display. You can also use the light bulb icon on the bottom right corner to reveal answers.

9. Christmas Crossword Puzzles, at the North Pole Times

The North Pole Times offers a number of interesting printable Christmas puzzles for kids of all ages as well as adults. Each puzzle comes with an ‘easy/hard’ indicator using the colors of Santa’s cap: Green is easy and red is extremely hard.

All of these Christmas puzzles are available to print for free. Simply browse through the collection and pick the ones you like then click on Print. Some of the examples of featured Christmas puzzles include: Christmas Songs puzzle, Christmas Words puzzle, Christmas Stories puzzle, Santa’s Reindeer puzzle, Santa’s Helpers puzzle, and many more.

10. Printable Crossword Puzzles, at My Crossword Maker

My Crossword Maker offers a wide selection of free printable Christmas crossword puzzles to choose from. You can also play them online if you want. Puzzles come with hints and answer keys. If you are to use these puzzles with kids or students in class, it is recommended that you first check whether the puzzles meet your standards or not as all of them are made by My Crossword Maker community and have not been reviewed for relevance or accuracy.