Divine Duel is an upcoming free-to-play fighting game that pits you against celestial foes in 1v1 combat, and it’s coming first to Quest next month.

In Divine Duel you choose from four Celestials, each of which has their own unique powers. The studio says initially there will be over 40 weapons, spells, and creatures to summon—which yes, also includes dragons.

From the looks of it, players select a loadout of spells and weapons before each match, and select them in a sort of tactical turn-based combat during the fight, not unlike the now free-to-play dueling game Blaston.

The full-bodied, room-scale fighting game is similarly a real-time affair, so you’ll need to physically dodge and attack. Developer Immersion Games says it’s offering up multiple game modes at launch too, including classical duels and what the studio calls “card-games-inspired” battle.

Here’s a quick rundown of each Celestial and their two specials:

Arvald, the Solid: Frozen Comet, Frost Wyrm
Vaya, the Bioalchemist: Biostasis, Forest Spirits
Necra, the Underqueen: Ethernal Guardians, Ushabti
Ishi, The War Forger: Megaballista, Telekinesis

The team hasn’t revealed what extras it will be offering in order to monetize the game, although if it’s like any of the leading free-to-play dueling game, Blaston, we’re hoping to see a cosmetics-only approach.

The free-to-play game is set to launch on Quest and Quest 2 via App Lab on March 1st, and PC VR headsets via Steam in the coming weeks, developer Immersion Games revealed.