Text Blaze is a powerful app used by thousands of teachers across the world that helps teachers provide high-quality feedback in a fraction of the time. Text Blaze allows you to save smart text templates and insert them anywhere using keyboard shortcuts. Make it easy to write personal and detailed feedback in seconds and free up time.

Whether you are writing the same feedback over and over or sending repetitive emails to parents or staff, Text Blaze can help you free up time by eliminating repetitive typing forever!

In this post, we’ll answer the following questions:

What is Text Blaze and what does it do?How do I use Text Blaze?How do I collaborate with my staff using Text Blaze?Is Text Blaze safe?What devices/apps is Text Blaze compatible with?How much does Text Blaze cost?Where can I find examples?

What does Text Blaze do?

Text Blaze allows teachers to provide detailed and personalized information and feedback in a fraction of the time.

Text Blaze eliminates repetitive typing through keyboard shortcuts that help you quickly paste in text. You can insert basic replies and even entire emails.

Text Blaze’s templates can include placeholders which allow you to customize them before inserting them. For example, you can quickly change the name of the person you’re messaging and insert the message in seconds. That’s much faster than typing out an email or message every time.

How do I use Text Blaze?

Text Blaze is one of the best text expansion tools because of its ease of use.

Here’s how to use Text Blaze:

Install the extension: You can install the extension on the Chrome Webstore.Create a snippet: To create your first snippet, go to the Text Blaze dashboard and click the big “plus” button on the top left of the screen.Set a shortcut: Next, create a shortcut for your snippet in the “Shortcut” section of your snippet. The shortcut is the text you type that will be replaced by your template.Edit snippet contents: After you type your shortcut, you can begin typing the text you want to be inserted in the large text box (this is where your template contents go).Watch your template come to life: Once you’ve got your shortcut and snippet contents filled out, simply go to a site (such as Gmail, Docs, or LinkedIn) and type your shortcut. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to fill out any required elements if you use any of Text Blaze’s commands. If you don’t use any commands, your text will be automatically inserted once you type the shortcut.

Here’s a video that shows how it works:

How do I collaborate with my staff using Text Blaze?

Text Blaze makes collaborating with your colleagues simple and easy.

Sharing snippets and folders on Text Blaze involves three levels of access: owner, editor, and viewer. To share, go to the folder you want to share and go to the Sharing tab. Next, all you have to do is type the email addresses you want to share, add the level of access you want to give them, and then click send.

This will email them an invitation to access your folder. When you share a folder, any changes to the folder or its snippets are automatically synced to all users of the shared folder.

Shared folders allow staff members to use the same snippets to boost staff email consistency. For example, if a parent asks a teacher the same question they asked another staff member, shared snippets allow the staff members to be on the same page and respond the same way.

Is Text Blaze safe?

Text Blaze doesn’t collect any information from users’ browsers. This means that any text inserted in your snippets isn’t collected by Text Blaze.

Text Blaze follows strict data security best practices and is audited for SOC2 compliance.

Text Blaze also uses industry-leading Cloud service providers. Its core systems are built on the Google Cloud Platform located in the United States.

Text Blaze compatibility

Text Blaze is available on the Chrome Webstore and as a Windows App.

There are plans in place to add an iOS app in the future as well! Stay tuned!

How much does Text Blaze cost?

Text Blaze is free to download and use forever. You can get value out of Text Blaze without paying one cent.

However, many users have found that our pro account ($2.99/month) is worth the price, as it adds full support to Text Blaze’s powerful features (like forms).

Where can I find examples?

Text Blaze has many templates for teachers that you can use to start saving time instantly. A few examples are:

A template for quick grading comments (Google Docs comments for example)An email signatureCommon messages (thank you for your email, I’ll get back to you, I need editing access)Simple and fast comments for report cards, math assignments, essays, and general assignments (such as on Canvas).
Don’t take it from us though! Tyler Moberg and Yu’Vonne James, two educators, shared their user stories and how Text blaze has helped them save time and work better.

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