I just came across this beautiful visual on the impact of technology on classroom learning and teaching and wanted to pass along some important stats that stood out to me. Technology is radically transforming  education landscape and the stats below speak volumes to this transformation:

In a 2009 report released by the National Centre for Education  Statistics with the Department of Education:74% of Pre-K to 12th grade teachers said that technology has helped them reinforce and expand content and has also motivated students to learn. 73% of these teachers also reported that technology enables them to respond to a variety of learning styles and allows them to demonstrate things that could not demonstrated otherwise.

Impact of technology on student writing: 

A larger majority of teachers attest to the positive influence of web technologies on students writing. For instance, 96% view that technology helped students share their work with a wider and more varied audience. Another 79% agree that digital technologies encourage wider collaboration among students and boost student creativity and personal expression.

Impact of technology on homework 

Technology has also transformed the way students do their homework. For instance, 31% of students report using  a tablet to do their homework, another category that amounts to 65% say they use laptops for homework while 39% of 11 to 14  years olds use smartphones for homework.

Read on to learn more about how technology impacts education in areas such as flipped classroom, mobile learning and many more. Enjoy

Via University of Cincinnati (http://mastersed.uc.edu/news-resources/infographics/how-technology-is-transforming-homework-and-classrooms/).