JeopardyLabs is a web tool that allows you to easily create Jeopardy-like games without the need for PowerPoint. The process to design a customized Jeopardy template is simple and easy and does not require registration. If you don’t want to create your own Jeopardy template you can use ready-made templates created by other users, edit them the way you want and share them with your students. 

How to use JeopardyLabs games with students?

There are various ways to use JeopardyLabs games with your students. For instance, you can use them to conduct formative assessment in class.  Create templates embedding questions related to the themes, topics, and lessons you taught and get students to answer questions. Students can work in teams or individually. You can use JeopardyLabs  as exit tickets to assess students comprehension and to further consolidate their learning. 

JeopardyLabs games can also be used to test students prior knowledge on a topic or to practice specific skills across different subjects including math. You can even get students to create their own games or use the ones created by other members of the site to engage in learning activities that include reviewing lessons, creating summaries,  reinforcing learned materials,  among others. 

How to create a Jeopardy-like game in JeopardyLabs?

As I stated before, you are not required to have an account to start creating Jeopardy-like games. Simply click on Create a Jeopardy Game button in the site’s homepage and type in a password for your game.

Once created, only you or others who have your password can edit the game. Next, type in a title for your game and enter the category name. You can add more columns and rows to your template but this feature is only available to Jeopardy members. 

You can customize the visibility options of your game to your preference. You can choose to make your game open to the public allowing anyone to find, view, play, and print it. You can make it hidden in which case only those who have the game’s URL are able to view, play, or print the game; or you can make it private accessible only to you.

When you click on a cell you will be able to add question prompts and correct answers. Note that question prompts take the form of a statement while answers are phrased as  questions. Fill in as many cells as you want. 

For JeopardyLabs members (membership costs $20 for a lifetime), they can insert/upload images, add math equations, add more questions to the game, embed audio and video from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud.

When your game is complete click on Save and Finish. Make sure you bookmark the page of your game or email it to yourself so you can access it easily later on. 

JeopardyLabs templates

JeopardyLabs hosts a huge library of templates which are  basically games created by other users of the site. There are over two million games covering a wide variety of subjects from weather and geography to math and pop culture. Use the search functionality to search for specific games. Read JeopardyLabs search tips to learn more about how to create queries that return best results.

When you find the game you are interested in hover over it to see its preview. Click on Edit to clone the template and edit it as you want. Or you can click on Play to start playing the game with your students. You can also download the template, embed it in your blog or website, or share it with others through email or via social media websites.

How to play JeopardyLabs games with your students?

The process to play JeopardyLabs games is simple and easy. First, select the game you want to play, it can be one you created or one you choose from JeopardyLabs library. As the game host, you can present the game to whole class using, for instance,  a projector. Students can play thega,e individually or in small teams. 

You can also play the game with students remotely using a video conferencing tool such as Zoom or Skype. Simply invite students to join the session, open the game in your browser and share your screen with them. As students answer the questions, you allocate points accordingly. 

How much does JeopardyLabs cost?

JeopardyLabs offers both a free and a paid version. The free version lets you create and access Jeopardy games but is limited in terms of the features it provides. The premium version comes at price of $20 for a lifetime membership and offers these extra services:  the ability to upload images, insert math equations, insert video and audio files, add more questions, manage your JeopardyLabs templates, and show off your public templates at a special URL.