Funktronic Labs released a massive update today to its roguelike shooter The Light Brigade (2023), which includes new player classes, tactical items, power-ups, levels and more.

Called the ‘Memories of War’ Update, the new content drop is rolling out today to SteamVR, Quest 2, and PSVR 2, including a bunch of new stuff.

Check out what’s in the update below, courtesy of Funktronic Labs:

The Engineer: a new player class that deploys pilotable drones
The Breacher: a new shotgun-wielding player class, by popular request!
New tactical items and power-ups to find on runs or stock up in the shop: including flare gun, cigarettes/cigars (for style), equipable helmets to block damage, new health flasks, power-up syringes, and more)
New hand-crafted levels between procedurally generated stages
New shooting range mini-game
Game balancing and fixes

The Light Brigade is a roguelike shooter that mashes up fantasy ghosties with real-world weapons, making it feel like a spiritual successor to In Death: Unchained. The game was already noted for a high variety of upgrades and array of WWII-era weaponry, so today’s update is really only throwing more of the good stuff at us, making the already really great game even better.