Mixkit, by Envato,  is a platform that provides access to a huge library of free assets to use in your multimedia projects. These multimedia materials include free stock video clips,  music tracks, sound effects and video templates. 

You can download as many assets as you want with no sign-up required. The process is simple and easy. You can use Mixkit assets in your YouTube videos, social media posts, presentations, titles, promotions, logos, and many more. 

Mixkit license does not require attribution but adding one is a good way to show gratitude to creators. However, before using any of their assets I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with Mixkit’ s terms of use.

Mixkit free stock video

Mixkit offers a wide variety of free video clips to use in your own video projects. You can use these clips with no attribution. Video clips are arranged into the following categories: nature, lifestyle, business, animals, food, transport, backgrounds, drones, green screen, Christmas, music, light, countdown, and many more. 

You can also use Mixkit’ s video search engine to search for specific video clips. Simply type in your search query and browse through the results. When you find the clip you are interested in, click to view and save it to your local drive.

‘These videos are available for free and are ready to be used as b-roll footage to enhance your video production skills, or to lift the success of your next social media post.’

Mixkit free royalty stock music

Mixkit embeds a large collection of free music tracks organized into three main categories:

Gentre: Includes Hip-Hop, Jazz, Cinematic, Country , Acoustic, Funk, R&B, Pop, Rock, Percussion, Trap, Ambient, Children, Classical, Corporate, House & Electronica, and Experimental.

Mood: Includes: Mysterious, Romantic, Smooth, Upbeat, Happy, Sad, Mellow, Aggressive, Uplifting, Whimsical, Dramatic, and Eerie.

Tag: Includes Dance, Relaxation, Workout, House, Synth, Holiday, Aerobics, Electric, Videogame, EDM, Soul, Vocals, Gym, Romantic, Electro, Seasonal, Breakbeat, Rap, Latin, Electronica, Techno, Piano, Fashion, Guitar, Wedding, Drums, Western, Sports, Synthwave, Party, Festival, Chill, and Upbeat.

Mixkit sound effects

Mixkit’ s audio library offers access to free sound clips that you and your students can use in  different multimedia projects in class. Sound effects are arranged into various categories including: nature, transition, animals, transport, human, warfare, instrument, lifestyle, game, bubbles, movie, cartoon, spell, page, magic, and more.

Mixkit video templates

Mixkit offers ‘free video templates to use in your YouTube videos, presentations, or music clips. ‘Choose from transitions and templates across After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve to lift your video creations. Each template is customizable and easy to use across both commercial and personal projects.’