Hasbro and VR studio Secret Location announced at UploadVR’s Summer Showcase that its long-awaited Nerf-brand multiplayer shooter is coming to Meta Quest 2 in August. They also threw out a new trailer that drills a little deeper into Nerf Ultimate Championship’s gameplay, weapons, and locomotion.

Update (June 9th, 2022): Nerf Ultimate Championship is coming to Quest 2 on August 25th, the studios reveal. Secret Location also shows off some of the game’s wall-running action, double jumping, and shooting mechanics in the new ‘World Overview’ trailer. Check it out below:

Original Article (June 15th, 2021): Called Nerf Ultimate Championship, the arena shooter is said to offer what Secret Location calls “a wide range of new and classic blasters as you leap around fantastic arenas in intense head-to-head team matches.”

“Soak in the sound of roaring fans and master your skills as you begin your journey to become the Ultimate NERF Champion,” the studio says on the game’s official website.

The game, which was revealed in UploadVR’s E3 showcase, is still somewhat of a mystery beyond that description; the trailer below doesn’t show any gameplay (see update). Considering the Facebook/Oculus branding, we’re supposing the Quest platform holder will act as the game’s publisher, possibly making it a Quest exclusive.

Secret Location is known for a number of high-quality VR games and experiences including bullet-hell shooter Blasters of the Universe (2017), a VR retelling of Philip K. Dick’s The Great C (2018) and time-bending puzzle game Transpose (2018).

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