The redemption arch for one of the biggest flops in gaming history still isn’t over. Hello Games announced at PlayStation’s State of Play that it’s bringing No Man’s Sky to PSVR 2.

No Man’s Sky has been playable on PSVR for around three years now with the launch of the game’s ‘Beyond’ update in 2019, however now the massive space exploration sandbox is looking to immerse users on PSVR 2 as well.

Hello Games says in a PS blogpost that with the power of PlayStation 5 and the PSVR 2 headset and Sense controllers, that it combines to “take that sense of immersion and believability up by several major notches.”

At very least, the addition of Sense controllers will certainly up the immersion as users will not only have significantly better controller tracking, but also better haptics all around, which should make punching out of atmo that much more realistic.

And that’s not even taking into account that PSVR 2’s display resolution is significantly higher than its aging predecessor. PSVR 2 also features head-mounted haptics and eye-tracking, which will be interesting to see too. Check out our comparison guide between PSVR and PSVR 2 to see just what the hardware has to offer.

The studio says it will be talking more about the specific features of No Man’s Sky for PlayStation VR2 in the coming months. We’ve seen other games announced at State of Play that suggest a 2023 launch, although Hello Games hasn’t said as much.

If it’s anything like its launch on PSVR though, support for PSVR 2 could likely land as a free update to the base game.

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