Ptable is an interactive periodic table that works on both desktop and mobile device. Chemical elements on Ptable are organized by atomic number, properties, and electron configuration. Each element on this periodic table is outsourced to Wikipedia for more information. 

Some of the cool features provided by Ptable include a Time machine which allows users to go back in time and explore the elements discovered during that year. 

An Isotope view which once chosen overlays selected or all known isotopes for a given element. A compound tab that provides information regarding the possible compounds elements form, and many more.

Ptable also provides “complete orbital readout for each element’s ground state, quantum numbers, oxidation states, and diagram following Hund’s rules. Hover over each electron pair for a 3-D view of that orbital that you can drag to rotate or hover over the element to view its highest occupied atomic orbital.”. 

As for the structure of the data, users have the possibility to customize the visual display of the data. There is the dark mode, there is the ability to view data in different forms, and many more. Materials on Ptable are printable. 

You can print “any view or visualization you can see. The print style sheet will take care of removing extraneous clutter. Just remember to print background colors, select landscape, and minimize the margins.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Ptable

Periodic table lesson plans

Ptable offers  a collection of free lesson plans designed by chemistry teachers to enable students and learners to engaged with the elements of the of the periodic table at a deeper level. 

Each lesson includes a description of the activity involved, grade level, objectives of the lesson, topics covered, time it takes to complete the activity, materials required, safety guidelines, and notes for teachers. The lessons include:

 1- Ptable Investigations:
In this activity, students (high or middle school) investigate the information about elements in the periodic table searching for things such as historical data, physical properties,  periodic trend, among others. 

Some of the objectives of this lesson are to help students understand how the periodic table is organized, identify trends on the table, classify elements by period number, group number or by family name, and more.

 2- Exploring Elements:
This lesson includes a number of activities that help students (middle and high school) explore ‘the aspects of the element including its periodicity, electron configuration, history, and uses in industry’.  

Some of the objectives of this lesson include help students ‘identify  the chemical symbol, atomic mass, and atomic weight for an element; identify the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in one atom of an element; describe the types of elements that bond together;’ and more.

 3- Making Connections between Electronegativity, Molecular Shape, and Polarity
In this lesson high school students ‘will find the electronegativity values of a variety of elements, draw the Lewis structures of select molecules that are made with those elements, and identify the molecular shape of each molecule. 

Students will then be asked to determine if the molecules are polar or nonpolar based on the electronegativity values of the atoms and the molecular shape. Students will use to find information about atoms and molecules and connect what they find to observable properties.’

Is there a printable PDF version of Ptable?

Ptable offers an up-to-date periodic table PDF to print and use in your classroom. You can also customize the PDF the way you like. Simply open it in your pDF reader and start editing it. For instance, you can hide unnecessary or grade-level inappropriate information, or try to hide names and symbols of the elements and get students to work together or individually to solve them.

How much does Ptable cost?

Ptable is completely free. However, you can always thank the staff  with a donation or you can support the work they do by buying their poster or wallet card. When you buy or donate you will also enjoy an ads-free Ptable.