One Hamsa, the studio behind VR sports game Racket: NX (2018), announced their next game during Meta’s Quest Gaming Showcase today, this time delving into futuristic, physics-based robot fighting.

Called UNDERDOGS, the single player roguelike pits you against a cast of robo-baddies in the underground robot fighting scene, letting you gear up with 100+ items, including power tools like chainsaws and wrecking balls.

From the screenshots, it also appears UNDERDOGS is also getting some comic-book style narrative inserts too.

Here’s how One Hamsa describes the game:

[H]ire hackers and saboteurs, hustle and deal with the gangsters and psychos that run these streets as you claw your way up the food chain. This city is a dog-eat-dog s#@^ show, but luckily you ain’t alone. Your little bruv King is in your corner – hacking your enemies and giving you lip while you fight like a wild animal, smashing car sized pit bots that wanna kill you dead to the the deafening roars of the blood thirsty crowds. This is New Brakka – The Mech Fighting Capital of the World.

As a physics-based combat game, it also seems like there’s a fair bit of punching and weapon melee.

You’ll have some time to reorder your space for all the room-scale slashing and bashing. UNERDOGS is slated to hit the Quest Store sometime in early 2024. In the meantime, we’ll be following along with One Hamsa’s Twitter for all of the latest developments on its first post-Racket: NX VR game.