Looking for some good group generators to use with your students in class? The list below has you covered. It features some of the best random group maker tools out there. No sign-up is required to start using these tools. The process is simple and easy: type students names and click on spin to let the wheel select random names to use to create various groups in class. 

Random group maker tools (as is the case with name pickers) are especially helpful in group work activities where students work together to create optimal learning experiences. Group work is an essential part of the learning process. 

Through distributed efforts students get to develop the social skills of empathy, collaboration, and coordination. Technology has made it even easier for teachers and educators to boost collaborative teamwork and cultivate social emotional learning.

1- Random Group Generator

Random Group Generator by  Classtools is an example of an EdTech tool designed specifically to help teachers tap into the educational potential of group work. As its name indicates, Random Group Generator enables you to easily create random teams in your class. The process is simple and easy. 

You simply input your class list and select the number of groups you want to create then click on ‘Create groups’. You can choose to create up to 20 groups. Random Group Generator is free of charge and does not require any software download. 

2- Keamk

Another excellent group maker for teachers. Keamk offers two columns: one where you type in your participants and the second for teams. When you finish typing your entries click on Generate Team to let the tool assign students to random groups. You can then share the link publicly with others. In order for your to save your work, you need to be registered. Registration is free. Other interesting features provided by Keamk include the ability to:

‘Assign a score from 1 to 5 to your participants and get balanced teamsSelect a gender for your participants and get balanced groups.Export your teams and groups in Excel.Share your draws directly on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.Save your participants and teams for later reuse.Keep track of your draws.’

3- Random Group Creator (by Aschool)

Random Group Creator does exactly that: it creates random groups based on input data. ‘Enter a list of names with each name on a seperate line. Then select the number of names that you want to draw.

‘There is also another tool offered by Aschool called Random Group Mixer Creator “The Random Group Mixer Creator came about because of the need to randomly combine two groups of students. For example The 1st grade class is working with the 4th grade class for reading. This program will match up students in one class with students from the other class. If one class is larger some groups will be larger than pairs.”

3- Wheel Decide

Wheel Decide is a free online spinner tool that lets you design your own digital wheels for various purposes including decision making, prize giveaways, games, and many more. You can also use it as a random group generator. You simply input the names of students and click to spin. 

The wheel picks a name for you. Repeat the same process to generate names for your groups. You can use Wheel Decide without having to login, However, only registered users can save their wheels

4- Random Name Picker

Random Name Picker lets you pick random names to use in the groups you create in class. Random Name Picker offers the following tools:
Create Groups Using Team Generator: “Create Groups using the Team Generator. This makes it easy to assign somebody to a group randomly.”Select Name Using Name Generator: “Pick names using the Name Generator. Option includes first, middle and last names and gender.”The Spin Wheel: makes it easy to pick names randomly. Features includes sounds, removing winners and fast or normal spin.The SLoth Machine: “Allows “you pick names randomly. Features includes sounds, removing winners and simple, yet user-friendly interface.”Generate Bingo Cards: “Use the Bingo Card Generator to generate bingo card with your set of names. Print however many cards you like.”Create name Search Puzzle: “Use the Name Search Puzzle Generator to create word puzzle using your set of names. You can change the dimensions and difficulty levels.”Generate Name Worksheet: “Use the Name Worksheet to generate worksheet using the set of names. Select the style and print – easy-peasy.”Create stealing chart:”Use the Seating Chart Generator to create class seating arrangements. You can arrange by random or by alphabet.”

5- Wheel of Names

You can use Wheel of Names as a group maker in your class. Type in the names of students and spin the wheel to pick random names. You can also make the “wheel your own by customizing the colors, sounds, and spin time, click Customize at the top of the page”.

6- Picker Wheel
Another great group maker for teachers. Picker Wheel works in almost the same way as Wheel of Names and Wheel Decide. You provide the names of your students and when you are done click on spin and the wheel will randomly generate names to use in your groups.