The return to school this year is different from previous years. It is a special event where teachers get to see their students after a prolonged period of physical absence during which distance education was the norm. 

In-person learning will be resumed again, although progressively, but our teaching/learning experiences have changed radically. Last year’s sudden shift to online teaching which caught several teachers unprepared has set in a new reality, one that will be the new normal: digitality is here to stay and will be an essential component of the teaching process henceforth.

Teachers are coming back to school equipped with several digital skills and competencies they have developed over the last year. For one thing, the enforced digital modes of instruction have absolutely enriched teachers pedagogical technological knowledge (PTK).Transforming this digital knowledge into hybrid teaching/learning environments is key to creating meaningful pedagogical experiences in the post-pandemic classroom

To help you make the best of this year’s back-to-school, I am sharing with you this collection of resources featuring pre-made templates to use for a wide variety of educational purposes. The templates are customizable so you can edit them to suit your own teaching needs. 

1- Common Sense Education Back-to-School Templates for Teachers

Common Sense has this collection of editable templates which are available in both English and Spanish.

2- Templates for Teachers

Another great resource of educational templates designed by Beth Kingsley and Sara Kiefer. Templates offered include : research templates, teacher newsletter, student written newsletter, informational postcards, pamphlet and magazines templates, and many more.

3- SlidesMania

SlidesMania features tons of beautifully designed templates to use with students in class. Teachers will find helpful instructions on how to edit the templates together with links to download them for both Google Slides and PowerPoint.

4- Google Slides Template Gallery

The Slides template gallery has an education section where teachers can find ready-made templates for creating lesson plans, book reports, flashcards, student certificate, science fair, and more.

5- Slidesgo

Slidesgo provides Google Slides and PowerPoint templates covering various topics. The premium version offers temples with extra slides.

6- Pear Deck Templates

Pear Deck has a collection of beautiful Google Slides and PowerPoint templates  to “make your back-to-school journey a little easier and more fun”. 

7- Kahoot Back to School Icebreaker Template

Check out this awesome guide on how to use Kahoot’s template to welcome students back to school. The template features “tips to break the ice and build relationships” with your students.

8- Other back to school resources

Here are few more back to school resources to check out: